Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Release Date Announced. New 3DS XL System Bundle, Pin Pre-Order Details

1 February 2015
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Majora's Mask 3D Pin Bonus Goodie For Pre Order USA

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D alongside a Majora’s Mask Edition New 3DS XL system have a release date of February 13, 2015! (Australia gets it on the 14th). It will be available both at retail and in digital-form via the 3DS eShop on the day of launch.

You can watch one whole hour of new Majora’s Mask 3D gameplay in this video.

Here is what the shiny New 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Edition looks like! (in its box)

3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition Box Artwork February 13 2015

Box Artwork for the Majora’s Mask Edition

And what it looks like while holding it in your hands!

Bill Trinen 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition Holding In Hands Nintendo Direct February 14 2015

Holding the New 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Edition!

The New 3DS XL: Majora’s Mask Edition, is launching the same day as the New 3DS XL systems itself (New hardware that includes two new shoulder buttons, a new C-Stick, a more powerful system with better processing speed, new face-tracking stereoscopic 3D, a light-sensing screen that automatically senses light & adjusts the screen accordingly, Amiibo support & more); so this gives fans who want to upgrade to the new system even more options (along with the Red & Black systems in America, Black or Blue in Europe & a Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate New 3DS XL Bundle).

Here’s the Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D & Majora’s Mask 3DS XL System image gallery.
Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size photos:

In addition, Nintendo announced that those who pre-order Code Name: Steam (a Nintendo 3DS game that’s coming out on March 13th) at GameStop, will gain access to an exclusive Majora’s Mask pin, that comes complete in it’s own box.

Majora's Mask 3D Pin With Codename Steam Preorder at GameStop USA March 2015

Preorder Codename Steam to Get Majora’s Mask Pin

Which you can pick up on March 13th along with your Code Name: Steam game from GameStop (while supplies last). This means that the pin is unrelated to the release of Majora’s Mask, to get the pin, Zelda fans are going to be forced to pre-order and buy Code Name: Steam if you live in North America.

Majora's Mask 3D Pin Bonus Goodie For Pre Order USA

Majora’s Mask 3D Pin Pre-Order Goodie

It’s also worth noting that the United Kingdom is getting a slick Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Collector’s Edition which includes said pin, along with a double-sided poster, 3DS Steelbook case and large box packaging… Whereas us Americans only get the pin. Booo.

Zelda Majora's Mask 3D New 3DS XL Cstick Camera Control Gameplay Screenshot

New Camera Control With Cstick!

Nintendo also revealed that those who play Majora’s Mask 3D on a New 3DS XL system (the new hardware launching next month that includes built-in Amiibo support) will gain a new ability that those who play on older hardware won’t have… The ability to freely control the camera with the New 3DS XL’s C-Stick (a second small stick-like button on the right side of the system); this allows you to peek around corners and take in the environment like never before.

Also revealed were new Majora’s Mask-related DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors that includes the ability to play as Tingle! Huzzah!

Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Skull Kid Laughs At Deku Link

Skull Kid Laughs At Deku Link

All around, it’s a great time to be a Nintendo fan.

Majora’s Mask 3D is such a super hyped and long-requested game, it is sure to sell like hotcakes once it hits shelves. I personally just played all the way through Majora’s Mask a year ago… And it held up extremely well. I can’t wait to dive into it again and see how it plays now that you have the revamped touchscreen controls and menu navigation and all the other enhancements this new 3DS version will be bringing to the table!

Are you buying Majora’s Mask 3D?


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