Dying Light Achievements Guide

The Dying Light achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC survival-horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Dying Light achievement guide we’ll show there are 50 Achievements (9 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

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Dying Light Achievements Guide


1. The Whole Story (100G) — Finish all side quests.

2. Disaster Recovery (10G) — Get 15 Relief Packages

3. We’re All In This Together (10G) — Save 15 survivors from zombies

4. Homo Homini Lupus Est (10G) — Save 15 survivors from Rais’s men

5. Bolter Hunting (25G) — Catch 5 Bolters

6. I’m a Runner and a fighter (25G) — Complete 15 Agility or Power Challenges

7. Lucky 7 (25G) — Win 7 coop competitions

8. Harran Athletics (25G) — Take part in 10 coop competitions

9. Trade Company (10G) — Sell items worth 10,000 dollars

10. Trespassing (25G) — Complete all Quarantine Zones

11. Now It’s Safe (25G) — Capture all Safe Zones

12. Pheidippides (25G) — Run (move or sprint) at least 42.195 m

13. Mount Everest (25G) — Climb at least 8848 meters on various objects.

14. Is It Really Necessary? (5G) — Kill your first Infected

15. Everybody Dance Now (10G) — Simultaneously shock 5 monsters with electricity

This can be done very early on in the game as long as you have a few firecrackers. This can be done on many locations.

The easiest way to get a group of zombies to be simultaneously shocked with electricity is to make them gather in a puddle of water next to an electrical switch. Jump on top of a building or dumpster and use firecrackers to get the attention of the zombies in the area. Throw the firecrackers into the pool of water in order to make them stand inside. Once 5 of them are standing there, jump down, interact with the switch, and fry them! Achievement unlocked.

16. Can’t Touch This (25G) — Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage.

A very easy way to get this is to climb up a fence or building at day (because enemies cannot follow you there) and throw Molotovs or Grenades at groups of Zombies. It also works quite well with guns, especially if you do headshots. Go to the location shown in the video and there should be a street full of Zombies and at the side of the street is a fence that you can climb. Craft Molotovs and throw them into the crowd until the achievement unlocks.

Keep in mind that there aren’t quite as many Zombies spawning in the early stages of the game. If that’s the case for you, then either throw firecrackers to attract more Zombies or return later on. This spot also works after beating the story.

17. This is Harraaaaan! (25G) — Kill 100 enemies by kicking them off the rooftops/cliffs.

18. Mouths Wide Open (25G) — Kill a Volatile

This video guide shows how to kill a Volatile:

19. Hush, Hush Now (25G) — Quiet a Screamer

20. BBQ (10G) — Stick a burning zombie on spikes

In order to do this you well need Molotov cocktails and possibly firecrackers. You will also need to unlock the skill that allows you to kick zombies. This can be done anywhere on the map.

Once you’ve found some spikes, you’ll need a zombie to come near them. Once they are close to the spikes, throw a Molotov cocktail close enough to them to light them on fire and quickly run up to them and kick them (using LB) into the spikes. Once they become impaled, the achievement will unlock.

21. A Game of Catch (10G) — Kill 50 enemies with throwing weapons

22. Harran Shooting Club (10G) — Kill 50 enemies with shooting weapons

23. Electrified! (10G) — Catch 25 enemies in the Electric Fence trap

When you find an Electric Fence Trap, throw some firecrackers in it to lure nearby zombies directly into the trap! – Maniacal laughter as you do so is optional.

This video guide shows how to easily kill 25 zombies with Electric Fence traps.

24. Blinded by the Lights (10G) — Blind 25 Volatiles with flares or a flashlight

25. High Flyer (10G) — Kill 25 enemies using Ground Pound or Drop Attack

26. Judo Master (10G) — Throw 50 enemies with Grapple

27. Prom Night (25G) — Survive night pursuit of level two or higher

28. Enlightened! (10G) — Blind 25 enemies in the Light Trap

29. Little Craftsman (10G) — Craft your first item

30. Master Crafter (25G) — Use Blueprints at least 100 times

31. Open Sesame (10G) — Perform 10 successful Lockpicks

Dying light lockpicking requires lockpicks which you can craft or purchase. Successfully lockpick 10 locks to earn the open sesame achievement, as shown in this video guide.

32. Everybody Knows Kyle (10G) — Reach Survivor Rank lvl 12

33. The Legend of Harran (25G) — Reach Survivor Rank lvl 18

34. Agile (25G) — Reach Agility Prof. Lvl 10

35. Strong (25G) — Reach Power Prof. Lvl 10

36. It’s All In the Writing (25G) — Find all text collectibles

37. I’ve Got Your Back (10G) — Complete 1 quest in a co-op game

38. Polyamory (15G) — Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same 3 partners

39. Italian Plumber (10G) — Kill an enemy with a wrench, using Vault followed by Drop Attack

Requirements: From the Skills section of the user menu, buy the Vault Skill and the Agility trait, which you can get from Power Level 4. Then from the Power Tree buy the Ground Pound (requires Power Level 7) and the Drop Attack (requires Power Level 10).

Sprint at a group of zombies. Then while having any level wrench equipped, Vault-jump over an enemy and while in the air do the Drop Attack execution move with the wrench to kill an enemy.

40. Gabriel’s Sword (10G) — Add a fire elemental effect to a sword or a khopesh

41. A Long Way Down (25G) — Jump to the water from the Infamy Bridge (Slums) at night

You can do this very early on in the game, but it is recommended that you have unlocked the safehouse where the character is located in the screenshot below: (The bridge is marked using the waypoint). It will also help to have some Agility upgrades in order to make your way across the bridge more easily, and you should have a medkit available just in case you need it.

Once at the safehouse above, climb up the radio tower and use the bed to fast forward to night time. With the bridge marked on your map using a waypoint, you’ll want to come down the tower and go for the bridge. Make sure to stay on high ground so that you don’t end up under it. Once on the bridge, just keep running forward until you reach the end and then sprint off to fall into the water below. Make sure to not jump off the sides or you may hit land instead of water. It is best to avoid the volatiles that will show up on your mini-map and you will probably want to use cars and buses on the bridge to stay above the zombie horde and avoid a fight with them. Once you reach the end of the bridge, run off and it will unlock when you hit the water. You will want to swim to shore and head back to a base if you want to keep your survivor points.

Secret Achievements:

42. Flight of the Crane (10G) — Jump from the Crane

43. My left or your left? (15G) — Meet with Rais

44. Snake in the grass (15G) — Escape the arena

45. Sightseeing (25G) — Reach the Old Town

46. Making Faces (25G) — Show the outside world that you’re still alive

47. Tied loose end (25G) — Deal with Tahir

48. Now You Can Come In (25G) — Find Camden

49. Vertigo (25G) — Activate the Amplifier

50. Bittersweet (50G) — Complete the game

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