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29 January 2015
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Silence: Whispered World 2 Shelter Her Renie Artwork PS4 Xbox One PC Mac

Welcome to our Silence: The Whispered World 2 Screenshots Gallery!

Check out the absolutely gorgeous Silence: The Whispered World 2 announcement trailer too.

It is here that you can view all the latest screencaps and artworks from the game; some of these will also make great desktop wallpapers!

In Silence: The Whispered World 2, players accompany Noah who struggles to find his little sister Renie in the turmoil of war. Against all odds, he manages to follow her, only to find himself alone in Silence, the world he once traveled as Sadwick the clown. There seems to be no way back and Renie is lost in a war-ravaged Silence.

Silence: Whispered World 2 Home Artwork PS4 Xbox One PC Mac

Keeping each other company.

Together with his sister he joins a group of rebels, led by a determined girl named Kyra. They’re the last bastion of resistance against the terrible seekers – mysterious creatures washing over Silence in ever growing numbers, while more and more of the people just seem to vanish. It is on Noah and the player to find a way back home from this dangerous place.

Silence: Whispered World 2 Mountains Artwork PS4 Xbox One PC Mac


This Adventure Game looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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