Pokken Tournament Characters List

28 January 2015
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Machamp Pokken Tournament Artwork

This is the Pokken Tournament characters list of the over 16 confirmed Pokemon characters that are in the Fighting Game (Arcade, Wii U). All playable and none-playable Pokemon characters are listed below.

Pokken Tournament is an upcoming arcade fighting game being joint-developed by Namco Bandai, Nintendo & The Pokemon Company; with the developers behind the smash-hit Tekken (thus the title, a mix of Pokemon & Tekken) and Soulcalibur games helming this incredible new Pokemon venture into the Fighting-genre.

Pokken Tournament Characters List

Pokken Tournament is NOT a “brawler” like Super Smash Bros., which is as much a Party Game as it is a Fighting game; No, this is a true-blue Fighter that could be compared with the aforementioned (Tekken, Soul Calibur), or games like Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat. Although Pokken Tournament also includes elements of games like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja.

Here’s the over one-hour long Pokken Tournament Japanese Namco live-stream, showing off all of the known fighters so far!

Pokken Tournament Character List

Confirmed Playable Characters:

1. Blaziken
2. Braixen
3. Chandelure
4. Charizard
5. Garchomp
6. Gardevoir
7. Gengar
8. Lucario
9. Machamp
10. Mewtwo
11. Pikachu
12. Pikachu Libre
13. Sceptile
14. Shadow Mewtwo
15. Suicune
16. Weavile

Confirmed Non-Playable Assist Characters: (that come in a group of two)

1 & 2. Snivy and Lapras
3 & 4. Emolga and Fennekin
5 & 6. Frogadier and Eevee
7 & 8. Jirachi and Whimsicott
9 & 10. Mismagius and Ninetales
11 & 12. Farfetch’d and Electrode
13 & 14. Togekiss and Rotom
15 & 16. Dragonite and Victini
17 & 18. Croagunk and Sylveon
19 & 20. Pachirisu and Magikarp
21 & 22. Cubone and Diglett
23 & 24. Magneton and Quagsire
25 & 26. Espeon and Umbreon
27 & 28. Yveltal and Latios
29 & 30. Reshiram and Cresselia

Much, much more is to come on Pokken Tournament in the future! We will surely hear and see much more at E3 2015 in June.

As new Playable Characters and new Assist Characters are announced, we’ll add them to the list.

What Pokemon do you most want to see make it as Playable in Pokken Tournament?


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