Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc Achievements Guide

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC first-person shooter game DLC #1 and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc achievement guide we’ll show there are 10 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 250 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC versions.

Index of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc Guides:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc Achievements Guide

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1. I’m Alive! (10G) — Survive until round 10.

2. Survivor (25G) — Survive until round 25.

3. 20/20 (40G) — Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20.

4. Moneybags (25G) — Have 15000 credits in the bank

5. Cheapskate (15G) — Acquire the Exo suit without spending any money.

Exo Suit Location: From the initial spawning area outside, open up the Atlas-sign door to the main hub. From that main hub take the door on the right that goes to the “A” hallway. Run down that hallway past the 3D Printer until you can take a left into the blue-lit circular tunnel that takes you to a new room. Stick to the right-side of that room and go to the back where you’ll see an “EXO ROOM” red-lit sign with arrows pointing to the stairs at the back of that room. Go up the stairs, and in that area you’ll see a doorway with behind it another red “EXO ROOM” direction sign that you can follow to the right, then finally the last “EXO ROOM” points to the left and that door with the “EXO TESTING” sign above it leads into the Exo Suit room.

Once inside the Exo Suit room, walk straight ahead and drop down one floor to the ground, immediately turn around to see a power generator with a “Enable Power” button on the panel, which gives you access to an Exo Suit in the middle of the room for free!

6. Burgle Burgle Burgle (15G) — Steal 10 kills from a teammate.

7. Game Over, Man! (50G) — Call in a rescue.

8. Come On And … (25G) — Slam 10 zombies at once.

9. PC Load Letter (30G) — Use the 3D Printer 15 times in a single match.

10. Do You Even Exo? (15G) — Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds.

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