Mafia 3 Release Date Revealed?

Is the Mafia 3 release date — let alone the game’s announcement — set for 2015? Hints were given in a public Twitter message by actor Rick Pasqualone. He said: “Might have some Mafia news very soon!” Indicating his voice recording work on the project may already be well underway/done, which would mean Mafia 3 is in the late stages of development and ready for its official reveal soon.

Rick Pasqualone was Vito Scaletta’s voice actor in Mafia 2, hence this is as close to a Mafia 3 reveal as we’re going to get for the time being. But as the linked 2012 article shows, development rumors have been circulating for years now.

The since January 4th, 2015 deleted Twitter discussion about Mafia 3 went as follows:

Fan: “Make Mafia 3.”

Rick Pasqualone: “@OfficialAidenP: Might have some exciting news very soon.”

Friend: “Hi Rick, how was your Christmas?”

Rick Pasqualone: “@Nataliebennette: Very nice. Thanks. Might have some Mafia news very soon!”

Note: This matches with news from March 2014 wherein Take-Two had placed casting calls for the following Mafia 3 characters…

“Casting for ‘Untitled Video Game’ – Production Co: Take Two


Born in Louisiana, Mixed race – African American/Caucasian, Early 20s, 6′, Bouncer’s build – broad, not cut. An orphan in the racially segregated South who rises to criminal prominence after returning home to Louisiana from war. Having been an outsider to both white and black society, Franklin is fiercely loyal to those he considers “family.” He is both street-smart and strong. Disciplined and imposing, confident yet guarded, Franklin knows how to get a job done at any cost…

Born in Louisiana, Italian, Early 30s, Thin, Immaculately dressed and groomed. A genius with numbers and statistics who runs sports betting operations in Louisiana. Tony is not your typical gangster. Meticulous and organized, Tony is more concerned about numbers and profit than people. On the surface, Tony appears quiet and socially awkward, but in reality he is more than capable of inflicting violence on anyone who disrupts his bottom line. Tony doesn’t fear people; he simply does not understand or like them.

Born in Louisiana, Italian, Late Teens/Early 20s, Average build. A young street hustler who likes to run his mouth, Mickey likes to talk big on the streets, but when push comes to shove, he can’t back it up. Mickey has a bad habit of taking credit for bigger jobs and making himself seem higher up in the criminal ladder than he really is. When confronted with this, he reverts back to the scared teenager he really is.”

Scoop credit: AGB

Are you excited for another Mafia sequel with Mafia 3?