How To Remove & Replace The PS4 Faceplate

27 December 2014
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PS4 Faceplate removal

Did you know you could remove & replace the glossy PS4 faceplate on the top of the PlayStation 4 console? You can do this on every single PS4 console!

This video guide demonstrates how to remove and replace PS4 faceplates on a PS4 console:

PS4 Faceplate Swap Steps:

Step 1: Turn off the console itself with the off button. If the console’s light is white or orange, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds, until you hear two beeps. Now wait about 30 seconds for all of the console’s lights to shut off.

Step 2: Unplug the AC power cord from the wall and then disconnect all cables from the PS4 console.

Step 3: Facing the front, simply place both of your hands on top of the faceplate (the glossy section) that will come off if you place your thumbs on the bottom part (the side of the console below the faceplate). Press down on the faceplate (on the glossy surface), which will allow you to pull it towards you until it comes free a little bit at around a 1/4 inch or 6 millimeter. The faceplate is now loose and you can get it off the console by lifting up the right side first (at the front LED lights) and then lift the left side of the faceplate.

Step 4: Set the left side of the new PS4 faceplate down on top of the left side of the PS4 console, exactly where you just took off the original faceplate. Then lower the right side of the faceplate and you should be able to push your new faceplate forward until it clicks into place.

PS4 Faceplates

PlayStation 4 Faceplates

Where To Buy New PS4 Faceplates:

After removing your original PS4 faceplate you can replace the PS4 faceplate with these options…

You can customize your PS4 console with “Project SkyLight Beta” collectible faceplates. Made in special Limited Edition designs and available for just a short time, these faceplates are the best way to personalize your PS4 system by adorning it with characters and/or logos of the video game(s) you love most.

Starting December 2014, you can choose from one of these Limited Edition Project SkyLight faceplates, each available for $25:

#1. Little Big Planet 3 PS4 Faceplate – featuring Sackboy and his new burlap gang
#2. The Order: 1886 PS4 Faceplate – featuring a shot of the Knights from the highly anticipated third-person action title

Click on each image thumbnail to see the bigger PS4 faceplate photos:

To quote John Koller, VP of Platforms Marketing, SCEA:

“Hello PlayStation Nation! We all love to personalize our consoles, and today, we’re kicking off a new initiative that lets you personalize your PS4 ? codenamed Project SkyLight. During this early preview of the project, we’re starting out with two limited edition faceplate designs, and we plan to have even more options to choose from when the program fully launches in the future.

We hope you’ll enjoy these [first] two custom faceplates. We are planning on launching new faceplate designs in the near future so check back often. We are also planning a few other fun enhancements to this personalization initiative and will have more to share soon.

We’d love to get your feedback on the designs you’d like to see as we work on ways to make your PS4 more personalized to fit your style. Let us know what you think below.”

Future Faceplates Notice:

Sony has confirmed that “New designs will be coming in the future, so make sure to check back in for the latest styles available.” Outside of these PS4 faceplates in the Sony Store available to gamers in the West, back in Japan way more PS4 faceplates have been made available by Sony (Destiny, The Last of Us & the rest in a PS4 Faceplates roundup) as well as Konami. But no word yet if those will ever be made available worldwide. Then again you might be able to import them easily in the near-future via or eBay sites.

For what games would you like to see a PS4 faceplate?


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