Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: How To Prestige

Welcome to the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: How To Prestige” guide. On this page we’ll show you how getting Prestige works in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: How To Prestige

Here we’ll go over how getting Prestige works in multiplayer.

The basics:

In multiplayer you can rank up to level 50 at which point you can Prestige and get a new emblem. You can Prestige a flat 15 times in Advanced Warfare, since after the first Prestige your level doesn’t get reset to 0 like it was in previous Call of Duty games. And each time you get enough Experience Points (XP) to level up enough, a new Prestige emblem is given to you to show off how far along you are.

There are 15 regular emblems and then you can reach Prestige Master!

Gaining XP can be done through these tasks:

Method #1: Play certain game types, notably “Hardpoint”. This will generally give you more XP than the other game types.
For example, each kill will net you 50 XP, and doing a kill while assaulting or defending a Hardpoint will double the Xp to 100 XP. Assault & Defend a Hardpoint gives you 120 XP. Capture a Hardpoint gives you 150 XP. It all adds up to a very good score tally for a few minutes average playtime per game.

Method #2: Do Perk Operations, since new challenges will be added to multiplayer every two weeks. Pay attention to the operations, because upon completion of each one you’ll get a lot of XP.

Method #3: Play on Double XP days.

This tutorial video shows how Prestige works in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:

What happens when you hit Prestige? What you get to keep and what you will lose! Take a look.

Warning: As of Day 0 when Prestiging the player-made emblems, attachments & incomplete unlockables progress resets after you Prestige! 🙁 It’s unclear if this is permanent or a glitch that will be fixed in a patch soon after the Day 1 launch. But don’t worry, you do get to keep your DLC, Supply Drop & other unlocked items.

Shown next are all 15 Prestige emblems if you want to get Prestige up to 15 times.

Thanks to PrestigeIsKey & Mry for the tips.