Support Black The Fall. The Square Enix Approved 2.75D Atmospheric Sidescroller!

Black The Fall has 40 hours left to raise $2000 and reach their Kickstarter funding goal of $25,000. If you can, definitely give to the campaign and help this impressive indie game get funded.

Check out the Black The Fall Kickstarter trailer to see this awesome title in action.

Inspired by Amiga classics “Flashback” and “Another World“, Black The Fall is an atmospheric side-scrolling 2.75D game about choice: you can use weapons and confront challenges with violence, or stay hidden from threatening marauders.

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Black The Fall offers gamers an intriguing mix as if it was a movie made by Tarkovski, Tarantino or Rodriguez.

It features a stark black & white with red world that will remind players of the darling indie hit “Limbo“, with the same shadow & silhouette visual style, although it feels more grounded in reality and less dreamy. It also offers a technological, future dystopian world inspired by the oppressive Communist governments that run the country’s where the developers hail from.

Black The Fall Banner Artwork
Black The Fall banner artwork logo.

The game is already highly-praised by those who’ve played it. You can learn much more about it at their kickstarter page, so definitely check it out.

Developer Sand Sailor Studios even has an epic physical Collector’s Edition version of the game that you can purchase for a pretty $125 bucks (£80), but it is a true sight to be seen.

Black The Fall Collector's Edition Contents Figure Soundtrack Postcards Artbook Box
Contents of the Collector’s Edition box.

Black The Fall is also part of Square Enix’s “Collective” Indie campaign, whereby the Square Enix fan community (via their website, forums, etc.) vote on Indie Games submitted to the Collective. Games that come out on top get Square Enix’s promotion support, whereby they promote the game on their official blog & elsewhere, without giving actual financial support.

Black The Fall Trap GIF
Black The Fall Trap Animated GIF

If the game succeeds, the indie studio gives Square Enix a small cut that goes back into helping to promote other indie titles. Of the three games that have been chosen, 1 failed to meet it’s funding goals (a game called “World War Machine“) while the other (“Moon Hunters“) was wildly successful, exceeding it’s funding goal by 400%. It looks like Black The Fall is just BARELY going to pass it’s funding goal if it can raise just $2,000 in the next 40 hours…

Black The Fall Tunnel Gameplay Screenshot
Awesome contrast.

Not only is Black The Fall part of Square Enix’s Collective platform, but it was also successful on Steam Greenlight, where the game got the go-ahead by Valve’s community and can be purchased and played via Steam Early Access, so definitely give the game a shot if you find it interesting.

If through some sort of miracle, Black The Fall was able to reach a funding goal of $50,000, then it would also hit several other console platforms including Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, and even the mythical Ouya.

Hopefully, if the game is successful and does make it’s funding goal (albeit barely), it will continue to sell enough copies to make funding other platforms, in addition to PC & Linux, a possibility.

And the sales of those versions can help to bring it to still more digital platforms. I’d love to see Black The Fall on the 3DS eShop, for example.

Black The Fall Tree in Chasm Gameplay Screenshot
Absolutely badass.

Thank God for the crowdfunding platform. Even though not all projects succeed or it takes a long time for them to come to fruition, the very fact that awesome games like this have the chance to be made and funded by fans is something to celebrate.

Can you imagine a world where this wasn’t possible? Crowd-funding has single-handedly changed the game and allowed Indie’s to survive & prosper like never before. Cool stuff.

How excited are you for Black The Fall?

Black The Fall Wallpaper
Black The Fall Wallpaper