Sunset Overdrive Weapons & Traps Guide

Here’s the Sunset Overdrive Weapons & Traps Guide for you to peruse and find out how to unlock all Sunset Overdrive weapons and other weaponry.

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Sunset Overdrive Weapons & Traps Guide

This guide shows how you can unlock each weapon and trap in the game.

How To Unlock Weapons:

• DLC Weapons: For all Pre-order Bonus, Day One Edition & Season Pass DLC weapons, see the full DLC weapons list on our “Sunset Overdrive Cheats” page.

• Unlockable Weapons & Traps: For all the weapons you can get in-game by progressing through the game’s story missions*, beating challenges, and doing side quests, check out our “Sunset Overdrive Walkthrough” page.

*Playing through these missions will unlock the following weaponry for you:
– Mission 1: Horror Night unlocks the Flaming Compensator
– Mission 2: One Man’s Trash unlocks the Poppers
– Mission 3: Amp It Up unlocks the Fizzie Balloons
– Mission 4: Amptastic unlocks the Herker
– Mission 5: A Way Out unlocks the Scabs
– Mission 6: A New Friend unlocks the TNTeddy
– Mission 7: Bora Bora Water unlocks the Spawner
– Mission 8: Boo-Boo Roverdrive unlocks the Kitty Cannon
– Mission 9: Max’s Parents unlocks the Scab Rusher
– Mission 10: Buck National vs the Apocalypse unlocks the Pain Train
– Mission 11: Midnight Brew unlocks the Gunker
– Mission 12: Up in the Air unlocks the Fizzco Riflebot
– Etc.


This video guide shows all of the Sunset Overdrive unlockable weapons, guns & traps in the game, with tutorials for all 25 weapons and 10 traps.

The favorite Sunset Overdrive weapons from the developers team are mentioned at 2:07 minutes in this official video.

Credits: Microsoft & Maka

Please comment if you’ve found any other powerful weapons or traps in Sunset Overdrive or know of new ways to unlock them.

Which of the Sunset Overdrive weapons is your favorite?