Bayonetta 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 14: The Witch Hunts

Getting closer to the end of Bayonetta’s second adventure…
This 14th chapter is a neat little detour from the on-foot action. The mech is pretty cool, but its moveset is limited.
-Dodge offset is not possible in the mech.
-However, you get loops! jump cancel air P or air K right as you land and keep repeating. This is one of the most damaging attacks and gives good combo points.
-This chapter is great for Halo farming, using a certain set of accessories and Jeanne, it’s possible to farm millions in just a few minutes. You’ll need it to get the halos for the Platinum Ticket.

Hidden Verse Location:

• Verse 3: Muspelheim after Verse 2 in front of the door. Hard to miss.

Chapter 15: Truth

Chapter 15 includes the Loptr boss fight. He’s not as fast as Balder, so he shouldn’t be too much of a threat. Keep shooting him with Love is Blue to keep the combo score up.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 7: Instead of going through the door after Verse 6, continue along the path to the left.
• Verse 8: Keep following the path and at the dead end, there’s a hidden Muspelheim on the left.

Chapter 16: Sovereign Power & Ending

Chapter 16 includes the Aesir final boss fight.

– Aesir is a 2-stage fight. First his human form (Prophet), which is pretty much identical to the previous fight with him. Except you’re not in flight and can use launchers, panther and crow, etc.
– 2nd Phase is his God form. He becomes much more of a threat, he’s way faster, but most of his attacks resemble those of Prophet.
– Throughout the fight he’ll summon different contraptions. The first are the bomber planes, if you dodge the bombs, you get a huge amount of witch time and can pummel Aesir for quite some time.
– The 2nd one is the satellite, which will destroy the platform you’re on and force you into flight mode for the rest of the fight.
– The third is an even bigger satellite, but you get a QTE prompt and can deal a chunk of damage by completing it.
– It’s possible to get 2-3 witch time activations when he summons the little orbs. Even when they’re not yet in flight they have a hitbox around them which you can use to get witch time, manually get close and dodge while near one. Then once witch time ends, they’ll most likely immediately fire off, dodge again to activate witch time, then dodge a 3rd time if you see any other orbs still around you.
You need to know how long Witch Time lasts, but it allows you to deal some good damage on Aesir.
– The final part of the fight is Aesir being combo fodder, do with him as you please!

Hidden Verse Location:

• Verse 3: Move your camera to the right as you land, right next to the steps is a Muspelheim.

The End.

Big thanks to Nintendo & Daedron for the walkthrough videos and chapter tips.

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