Bayonetta 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 9: The Gates to Hell

Here we continue Bayonetta’s journey into Inferno….
Chapter 9 includes the Prophet boss fight. Prophet is a boss with some pretty fast attacks, but not as fast as Masked Lumen. It’s pretty easy to dodge most and get a good combo on him because of this. I prefer Love is Blue in this fight so that I can continue shooting him from a distance to keep my combo going even outside of Witch Time.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 1: From the area you start in, look to the right and jump on the floating platforms.
• Verse 3: Muspelheim located at the temple-looking building, between some pillars.
• Verse 5: When standing in front of the broken stairs, look to the left. Jump on the platform in the distance.

Chapter 10: The Depths

The tenth chapter may be the hardest chapter in the game.

– Sloth is possibly the hardest enemy in the game too.
– Expect to see items usage for the first time! At least we get no rank penalty from doing so in this game.
– As a bonus we get a really cool weapon in this chapter, a pair of chainsaw rollerblades!

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 1: Muspelheim, go down the path on the left in the starting area.
• Verse 3: From the Verse 2 area, instead of going forward, go right and jump across the platforms onto the cliff.
• Verse 7: After verse 6, go up the elevated terrain on the right.
• Verse 8: After moving across the branch, go right and follow the path.
• Verse 9: Muspelheim, after moving across the branch it’s in plain sight.
• Verse 11: After the Sloth fight, take a right.
• Verse 12: Activate the tree, then backtrack all the way to the beginning where you fought Phantom.

Chapter 11: Inferno and Its Ruler

Chapter 11 includes the Alraune boss fight. Defeating her nets you Alruna, the whip weapon of this game. It’s one of the better weapons!

Chapter 12: The Lumen Sage

Chapter 12 includes the Balder boss fight after an on-rails section. Balder is fast and has a huge variety of moves.

Chapter 13: Vigrid, the City of Deja Vu

Chapter 13 is a familiar sight, because it takes place in a Bayonetta 1 map.

– This and the next few chapters are dedicated to fighting the enemies from Bayonetta 1. Most of them remain unchanged, but some of them like the Beloved received new attacks.
– In the case of Grace & Glory, they’ve been heavily nerfed. You can juggle them to your heart’s content and they don’t evade as much anymore. Go to town on them.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 1: In the first building you enter, instead of going right and moving outside, keep going forward into the side-room with the chest. Open it to trigger the Verse.
• Verse 2: In the big open area with the fountain, go to the small shrine on the left to find a Muspelheim.
• Verse 11: Right at the end of the narrow hallway, before the room with the crescent moon table, go behind the grating on the right. There’s a hidden Muspelheim near the vases.

Bayonetta 2 Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Chapter 14: The Witch Hunts.