Bayonetta 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 4: The Two Meet

Let’s continue the Bayonetta 2 playthrough…
Chapter 4 includes the Masked Lumen boss fight.
– This is the chapter where you get the Undine weapon.
– The 2nd LP piece is missable, make sure to get it!
– As for dealing with Shielded Centaurs, do it with the Hammer or Bracelet of Time. You can keep combo using charge attacks and dodging the attack they throw at you.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 2: Jump to the broken piece of building sticking out in the distance on the right after the Fidelity fight.
• Verse 4: Muspelheim on the side of the building, near the fighting area of Verse 3.
• Verse 6: Go into the little side-area on the right after the cutscene with Loki, then walk back out.
• Verse 8: Break the bench the couple is sitting on.

Chapter 5: The Cathedral of Cascades

– This is the fifth chapter, where we get serpent, allowing swift movement underwater. It pretty much functions like panther within except you have vertical movement to take note of.
– A new enemy is introduced in this chapter and it’s an infernal! Pain is a very fun enemy to fight, and it looks cool to boot.
– We also get a new weapon in this verse.
– Make sure to open the chest located underwater in the starting area to obtain the first LP piece! The 2nd piece is located in a small side-room after jumping out of the water after the Pain fight.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 2: Dive under a collapsed building on the right and rise up out of the water, jump on the small island with a Muspelheim.
• Verse 3: Instead of going up in the underwater tunnel, proceed further down to the dead-end.
• Verse 5: After the room has flooded, you can reach a muspelheim located on a small balcony-thingy.
• Verse 6: After jumping out of the water, jump back in and swim to the bottom.
• Verse 7: Go all the way around in the circular room, in the opposite direction of where the stairs are.
• Verse 8: Muspelheim at the top of the stairs.

Chapter 6: The Bridge to the Heavens

Chapter 6 includes the Valor boss fight. He’s very easy to beat, as his attacks are super telegraphed and slow.

Chapter 7: The Ark

Chapter 7 includes the Insidious & Masked Lumen boss fight.

Hidden Verse Location:

• Verse 4: Muspelheim located in a small side-area, instead of going forward after Verse 3, go right, down the path.

Chapter 8: An Ancient Civilisation

In the eight chapter enemy damage ramps up a lot, time to get serious as we enter Inferno!

– As usual for the longer chapters, there are lots of missable verses and muspelheims to be found.
– Golem is much improved from its Bayonetta 1 iteration. Its attacks are vicious and each form is in fact its own separate enemy. Very fun to fight.
– The “Don’t touch the ground” Muspelheim wasn’t completed on the first try, third time’s the charm. Yay for trimming.

Hidden Verses Locations:

• Verse 2: Muspelheim located in an enclosed room on the side of the building, close to where Verse 1 took place.
• Verse 6: After getting the pieces and returning back to Inferno, go all the way back to the platform you started the chapter on.
• Verse 8: At the waterfall where Loki creates a portal, there’s an area behind it, also has an LP piece.
• Verse 10: Muspelheim located underwater, in the room before the big open room on the side of the wall.
• Verse 12: Muspelheim after getting the pieces. Easy to spot.

Bayonetta 2 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 9: The Gates to Hell.