Bayonetta 2 Collectibles

Here’s the Bayonetta 2 Collectibles locations guide wrap up, so you can find 100% of all Bayonetta 2 Collectibles in the new hack and slash action game on the Wii U.

There’s a lot to collect and you will be rewarded in-game for each new discovery.

Bayonetta 2 Collectibles

Umbran Crows & Miiverse Stamps:

Bayonetta 2 Umbran Crows Locations Guide.

Golden LPs & Unlockable Weapons:

Bayonetta 2 Golden LP Locations Guide.

Hidden Verses:

Bayonetta 2 Hidden Verses Locations Guide.

Unlockable Characters, Costumes & Accessories:

How To Unlock All Bayonetta 2 Characters, Costumes & Accessories.

Bayonetta 2 Broken Witch Hearts Locations Guide:

Find all 40 Broken Witch Hearts using this video guide. Every 4 will increase Bayonetta’s health.

Which collectibles are you chasing down in Bayonetta 2?