Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Achievements Guide

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360 re-released open world action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas achievement guide we’ll show there are 33 Achievements (11 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360 version that celebrates the game’s 10th anniversary.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Achievements Guide

Warning: Before you start going after Achievements, make sure you do NOT have any cheats enabled, because that turns off the unlocking of Achievements for your savegame. – It’s always best to use cheats on a separate or non-saved file anyway, especially now that the game automatically saves your progress when you hit checkpoints.

1. Getting Started (20G) — Complete Big Smoke

2. Represent (10G) — Purchase a Grove Street tattoo

3. The End of the Line (100G) — Complete End of the Line

4. Hustle some (10G) — Win a game of pool

5. A Legitimate Business (20G) — Export all three car lists

6. The American Dream (20G) — Purchase any house

7. Get a Pump (10G) — Do a barbell curl or benchpress at any gym

8. Pay ‘n’ Spray (20G) — Use a Pay ‘n’ Spray with wanted level

9. Bike or Biker (30G) — Complete BMX or NRG challenge

10. Beat the Cock (20G) — Win the Beat the Cock marathon

11. Metrosexual (20G) — Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.

12. School’s Out (20G) — Fully complete a vehicle school

13. Serial Offender (20G) — Get arrested 50 times.

Tip: The fastest way to unlock this achievement is by walking up to a police station and punching any cop in front of the entrance to get arrested.
Note: You’ll get to keep your weapons after being arrested if the police girl is your girlfriend.

14. Freight Date (10G) — Take the train between cities

15. Horror of the Santa Maria (10G) — Drown

Tip: You can’t just jump into water, you’ll have to drive a car into the water and as the car sinks you’ll need to stay seated inside until you die from drowning.

16. Assert Yourself Next Time (10G) — Fail a mission

“All you had to do was follow the d*mn train CJ!” 😉

17. What the City Needs (30G) — Complete 12 levels of Vigilante

Best Location: Use the jet in the desert (or use the hunter).

18. Savior (30G) — Complete 12 levels of Paramedic

Best Location: At the Angel Pine Medical Center.

19. Rescue a Kitten Too? (30G) — Complete 12 levels of Firefighter

20. Yes I Speak English (30G) — Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode

Note: Keep in mind that you don’t have to give 50 Cabbie rides in a row, just do fares whenever you want.

21. Trickster (30G) — Master Pimping Game

22. Time to Kill (30G) — Watch Credits to the end

Secret Achievements:

23. What happens in Las Venturas… (40G) — Complete Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

24. All Dressed Up for San Fierro (40G) — Complete The Green Sabre

25. Home Run (20G) — Achieve ‘sex’ with any of the girlfriends

26. What are the Odds (20G) — Win a race in Inside Track Betting

27. Double or Nothin’ (20G) — Put all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win

28. Assassin (10G) — Complete a stealth kill

Example: You’re asked to do a stealth kill in one of the story missions in San Fierro.

29. Original Gangster (100G) — Reach maximum respect

30. The Los Santos Slayer (20G) — Reach a total kill count of 4,000

31. Public Enemy No. 1 (50G) — Reach 6 wanted stars

Tip: At the start of the game you can only reach up to 5 wanted stars committing violent acts in the city like blowing up cars, killing civilians and especially cops. You’ll need to unlock Las Venturas and then you’ll be able to reach 6 wanted stars.

32. Chick Magnet (100G) — Achieve maximum sex appeal

33. Grove Street War Lord (50G) — Capture 30 territories


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