Legend of Grimrock 2 Walkthrough

15 October 2014
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Legend of Grimrock 2 Walkthrough

Part 6: Forgotten River

Let’s take a look around the Forgotten River area.

Tip: If you find one of your human characters “misses” at a high rate, then you’ll need to raise his accuracy ASAP by A) charging the sword attack or; B) using the rapier; Since both will give said character +10 accuracy.

Part 7: Exploring The Nexus

Let’s continue the island Nex exploration.

Entering an underground dungeon at the Forgotten River area leads to The Nexus teleportation room that will easily bring you to all other nearby areas, so you can always go back for grinding purposes and backtracking.

Part 8: Power Gems & Ruins of Desarune

A Power Gem is a beautiful gem that radiate light in all the colors of the spectrum. Time to put four of them to use by laying them on the stone table at the center of the room with the large face statues. This will create the Essence of Fire stone.

Go back outside to the river. If you throw a stone into the open-mouth statue’s mouth, you’ll create a magic bridge, so you can pass to the next area beyond the large face statues room to explore the next dungeon, the Ruins of Desarune.

Correction: Level 5 is only needed for the special attack Volley, but the new Bow CAN be used.

Note: Will power is for the caster.

Part 9: Ruins of Desarune – Follow the Light Puzzle

Next, you’re given the Follow the Light Puzzle solution! Get all the tips you need in this three-parter.

Get ready to explore the Ruins of Desarune and face off against green goo monsters and icy knights.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

How To Reach Chest:

Part 10: Ruins of Desarune Secrets

Legend of Grimrock 2 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Part 11: Lexiconary.


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