The Evil Within Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves

As you know, Ruvik has teleported Detective Sebastian Castellanos & his colleagues into his twisted world. Can we get out of this alternate universe (or will it turn out to be in Ruvik’s mind?) before going mental like Ruvik himself?

Part 2 of Chapter 6:

In Part 3 of Chapter 6 we try and catch up to our colleague Kidman with sniper support from our partner Joseph.

Tip: Use traps to defeat enemies without using ammunition. – You can also choose to sneak past enemies that have been knocked down.

Chapter 7: The Keeper

The police partners Joseph and Sebastian finally reached the church building that their colleague Kidman and doctor Leslie went into. Of course when things seem to go well… they won’t for long.

In Part 2 of Chapter 7 Doug solves the puzzles through trial and error (and of course Leslie runs away).

Part 3 of Chapter 7 concludes with The Keeper / Box Head boss fight:

Faster Reloading Tip: Level up your reload skill to reduce down time.

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow

Note: The shotgun does more damage at point-blank range.

Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions

Oh, great… a lab where pseudo sciene experiments lead to a sort of “psycho break” and mutation in the subject’s mind. Can’t wait to explore every room and find out what kind of “evil within” these scientists brought out.

Brain Door Puzzle Solution: How to solve the 3 red injector fluid door puzzles? Probe all three brains with electrodes on the section of the brain indicated on the chart next to each head.

Hint: Pay attention to which enemies make noises specific to them, to be aware of upcoming dangers sooner.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman’s Tools

Get ready for a 1.5-hours-long chapter!

Part 2 of Chapter 10:

Part 3 of Chapter 10 concludes with the Monstrosity boss fight:

How To Beat The Monstrosity with Eye in the Underground Garage: Best way is to go slowly and do a stealth approach 3 times to hit his eye each time. Then you need to go a little bit more until he turns blue. It would be nice if you have one of those stun bolts but if you don’t have them use barrels for explosions, since they will slow him down. Also make sure that he doesn’t find you in those rooms because he is destroying them… But if they are still there after he turns blue the first time and you do some damage to him, then you can hide then there and make fight longer.

Note: Alternate control schemes can be selected in the options menu.

The Evil Within Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11: Reunion.