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Looking for The Evil Within cheats on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list The Evil Within cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Tango Gameworks & Bethesda’s new survival-horror game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all The Evil Within codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & Xbox One versions.

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The Evil Within Cheats

The Evil Within Cheats on PC

How To Activate The PC Version’s Console Commands To Cheat:
– Step 1: Go to Steam and right-click with your mouse on “The Evil Within” title, then select Properties, and go to the “General” tab.
– Step 2: On that screen you can enter the following bolded text without quotes: “+com_allowconsole 1 _”.
– Step 3: Finally, you can press on the Insert keyboard key to open the Console Panel where you can type the below listed Console Commands and then press the Enter key to activate each cheat.

This cheats list starts with the code to enter into the Command Console, and behind it is the cheat description.

GodCheat Description: God mode. You are effectively invincible, and certain enemy kill moves will not be used against you (Laura, for example, will not jump on you).
NoclipCheat Description: Allows you to walk through walls.
G_infiniteammoCheat Description: Unlimited ammo (provided you have at least 1 bullet when you enable this).
G_stoptime 1Cheat Description: Stops time. Note there is a bug right now where using this command causes a UI element to appear on screen. Bethesda are looking to fix that in the near future. – You can re-enable time with g_stoptime 0
ToggledebugcameraCheat Description: Separates the camera from Sebastian so you can freely move around the [environment].
R_forceaspectratioCheat Description: Sets the aspect ratio. Default is 2.5, which is our official aspect ratio. – 0 is full screen, but not ideal. 1.8 or 2 is probably most comfortable for those who don’t want bars.
Com_showFPSCheat Description: Turns on id’s native FPS counter.
Startslowmotion2Cheat Description: Slows down time.
StopslowmotionCheat Description: Disables slow motion.

There’s even a way to get rid of the game’s 30 FPS lock. But you unlock it at your own risk, only do it if you’re dying to see what the game looks like at 60 FPS!

R_swapintervalCheat Description: Sets the FPS lock. Note that the numbers below are negative.
A) -2: This is the default, set to 30 FPS. This is the officially supported frame rate
B) -1: This sets the FPS limit to 60. Fully playable, although there may be quirks (Bethesda are going to fix these).
C) 0: This fully unlocks the FPS. The game develoeprs do not recommend playing above 60. And they will not fix any issues you have above 60.

Unlockable Nightmare & Akumu Difficulties

Finish The Evil Within on the Survival difficulty level to unlock the Nightmare & Akumu difficulties. Keep in mind, “Akumu” is Japanese for “Worst Dream” mode, true to its Resident Evil survival-horror roots.

Difficulty Level Descriptions:

• Casual – For the weak and fearful. Auto-aiming enabled by default and slightly more ammo than normal.
• Survival – Standard difficulty. Challenge and overcome your fears.
• Nightmare – True to the word. Prepare to die.
• Akumu – One hit and it’s all over. Worse than Nightmare, this is pure hell.

Game Creator Shinji Mikami has this to say about Akumu mode: “People who can clear Akumu mode will definitely want to brag about it as it requires a high level of mental ability as well as technical ability. To me, survival horror requires both.”

Unlockable New Game Plus & Rocket Launcher

New Game + returns in The Evil Within and along with it you get a brand new Rocket Launcher, hurray for RPGs!
To unlock NG+ complete the game on any difficulty level — and only when you play that same difficulty level again (it’s locked) — then your weapons, items and upgrades will carry over to your new game. This is done to help you, since on your New Game + playthrough the enemies will be tougher!

Unlockable Model Viewer

To unlock the Model Viewer in the Main Menu, complete the game on any difficulty level. After beating the game, you can view various models from The Evil Within.

Take a look at some of the models in the game:

The Evil Within Tips and Tricks

Learn the basics of surviving as Detective Sebastian Castellanos in this first new video, titled “Every Last Bullet”.

Discover strategies for surviving the perils of Krimson City in this second video, titled “Fight for Life”.

Every encounter in The Evil Within can end your life in the blink of an eye. To survive, watch this third video titled “The World Within” to learn tactics for surviving the evil’s that lurk this twisted world from the mind of survival horror’s creator, Shinji Mikami.

Unlockable DLC: Extra Items

Pre-Order The Evil Within anywhere and receive the Fighting Chance Pack (on the gaming platform of your choice) for free! The Fighting Chance Pack provides players with a handful of additional items that may help them stave off death for a moment longer.

The Fighting Chance Pack Includes:

• Medical Kit – A vital health enhancement to enable Sebastian to fight on.
• Green Gel – +5,000 Used to upgrade Sebastian’s attributes.
• Double Barrel Shotgun and Three Shells – A larger and more formidable shotgun than the regular shotgun, it’s useful for tight situations with multiple encroaching enemies.
• An Incendiary Agony Bolt – Capable of showering nearby enemies with damaging fire sparks.
• A Poison Agony Bolt – Will draw enemies towards it and poison them, allowing Sebastian time for a quick escape.

Note: Acquired items can automatically be used from Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde.

Unlockable DLC: New Story Chapters

The Evil Within Season Pass lets you experience survival horror from a new perspective. Priced at $19.99/£14.99/€19.99, the Season Pass offers savings on three planned add-ons for the game and will be available soon at select game retailers, PSN, Xbox LIVE, and PC.

The Fighting Chance Pack Includes:

• DLC Chapter 1 & 2 – In two add-ons, you’ll assume the role of Juli Kidman — Sebastian Castellanos’ mysterious partner from The Evil Within. Across a two-part, story driven experience, you will encounter unthinkable enemies and new areas that reveal hidden motives and harrowing evil.
• DLC Chapter 3 – The third add-on for the Season Pass puts you in control of The Keeper (aka Boxman) in a fun collection of mission-based maps.

Note: Season Pass and game add-on content may not be available on all platforms or in all territories. Pricing and release dates may vary by territory and/or platform.

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