Alien Isolation Achievements Guide

The Alien Isolation achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC survival-horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Alien Isolation achievement guide we’ll show there are 50 Achievements (6 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC versions.

Index of Alien Isolation Guides:

Alien Isolation Achievements Guide


1. Awake (10G) — Complete the first mission

2. Welcome to Sevastopol (10G) — Complete the second mission

3. A Hunt Begins (10G) — Complete the third mission

4. You Shouldn’t Be There. (10G) — Complete the fourth mission

5. How Do You Feel? (10G) — Complete the fifth mission

6. Caught in the Trap (10G) — Complete the sixth mission

7. An Outpost of Progress (10G) — Complete the seventh mission

8. Shock to the System (10G) — Use the stun baton

9. Bait (10G) — Complete the tenth mission

10. Hazard Containment (10G) — Complete the eleventh mission

11. A Synthetic Solution (10G) — Complete the twelfth mission

12. Consultation (10G) — Complete the thirteenth mission

13. Survivor (100G) — Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

14. Ripley, Signing Off (50G) — Complete the game on any difficulty setting

15. The Missing (10G) — Collect an ID tag

16. The Taken (40G) — Collect all ID tags

17. Archivist (40G) — Collect all Nostromo logs

18. Light ’em Up (10G) — Use the flamethrower

19. Just out of Reach (40G) — Contact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android

Location: Mission 4: Seegson Communications

This can be done via chapter select. During this mission you may not attack any of the androids (the robots that look like humans) and you may not be grabbed, punched or kicked by one. It’s totally okay if they see you. As long as they don’t make physical contact with you it’s all fine. If they do touch you, then start from the last save game.
You can run through most sections, but in some occasions it’s safer to sneak past the enemies (especially at the end). Pay attention at which point of the video there’s running, walking or crouching. Try to copy that as good as possible and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Note: It doesn’t matter if the Alien from the vents kills you. This has no influence on this achievement.

20. Use With Caution… (10G) — Use the shotgun

21. Every Bullet Counts (10G) — Use the revolver

22. Self Defense (10G) — Kill 10 humans

23. Not a Scratch (20G) — Escape from android combat without taking damage

Location: Mission 4: Seegson Communications

You’ll enter the Internal Communications as part of the story. In the back room you can find the blueprint for the EMP Mine. Once you have the blueprint, you will have to craft the item which requires:
– 25 Scrap
– 3 Charge Packs
– 2 Sensors
– 1 SCJ Injector
– 2 Bonding Agents

Craft the item whenever you have enough resources (can be done on later missions), and then use the EMP Mine on any Android in order to stun them, and unlock the achievement.

24. A Perfect Organism (10G) — Encounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time

25. She’s in the Vents… (20G) — Use the vent system 20 times

26. I Admire its Purity (20G) — Detect 30 targets with the motion tracker

27. Build to Survive (5G) — Construct an item

28. Mercy or Prudence? (50G) — Complete the game without killing any humans

29. Seegson Security Bypass (10G) — Perform 10 successful hacks

30. Seegson Systems Expert (10G) — Complete 10 minigames successfully

31. Power Games (10G) — Access 10 different rewire points

32. A True Engineer (20G) — Construct one of each craftable item

33. A Record of Disaster (10G) — Collect an archive log

34. Voices of Sevastopol (40G) — Collect 100 archive logs

35. Fault Detected (20G) — Kill an Android

Location: Mission 4: Seegson Communications
For extra tips, see the “Not a Scratch” section above.

36. Throwing the Switch (10G) — Complete the fourteenth mission

37. The Message (10G) — Complete the fifteenth mission

38. Transmission (10G) — Complete the sixteenth mission

39. Free the Torrens (10G) — Complete the seventeenth mission

40. End of the Hunt (10G) — Complete the eighteenth mission

41. This Should Work (10G) — Use the bolt gun

42. My Turn Now (40G) — Kill an android using only the maintenance jack

Location: Mission 4: Seegson Communications

A perfect spot for this is at the very start of chapter 4 where you encounter the first Android in the game. As you go through the long hallway you will see a friendly Android (robot that looks like a human). Attack him a couple of times with the maintenance jack from behind. This will put the Android in combat mode and he will counter all frontal attacks. So now you need to run away and hide until the Android goes back to his post. Sneak up to him and land some strikes from behind. Keep repeating this until he is dead.

43. Hide. Run. Survive. (40G) — Complete the fifth mission without being killed by the Alien

Location: Mission 5: The Quarantine

The part for this achievement starts when you access the computer in Morley’s office. This is your main objective and unmissable.
The Alien will then drop from the vents above. You may never ever run or it will hear you. Only walk and crouch! Also use your motion tracker to see the current location of the Alien.
All you need to do is grab Morley’s Keycard from the corpse in room A-29, then exit the area. The entire encounter will take around 3 minutes. The achievement will pop at the very end of the mission.

Note: If the Alien spots you, or is about to kill you, then quickly restart the checkpoint.

44. One Shot (100G) — Complete the game without dying

Secret Achievements:

45. Retreat From Fire (20G) — Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov

46. Back Off (10G) — Cause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower

47. Stunned (10G) — Knock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack

Location: Mission 4: Seegson Communications

To stun androids you need to throw an EMP mine at them. The blueprints for this mine can be found in chapter 4, in a sideroom of the area where you contact your team (you have to access a computer here and will see a cutscene). Craft the item via your weapon wheel and throw it at one of the androids in this area.
If you don’t have the crafting materials at this point, then don’t worry. There will be many other encounters with Androids. Just build an EMP mine when you have enough materials and keep it in your inventory until you see an Android again.

Tip: You can also do this against humans by throwing a flashbang at them. The flashbang blueprints can be found in chapter 3, in the area where you retrieve the new Data Cell.

48. Mind Your Step (20G) — Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying

Location: Mission 14: The Decent

As you get through the Reactor Maintenance without dying, be careful of the Facehugger’s in the Alien Nest, as you won’t have time to restart a save before the game records the death if they attach to your face.
The objective here is to overcharge the Alpha Core and Beta Core. As soon as you are done with that you can go back to the elevator to exit the area.
The game will automatically create a new save when you enter the Reactor Maintenance. You should now back up your save game (USB Stick / PS+ Cloud). In case you die, you can copy back your save game and try it again without having to replay the entire mission. If you are quick enough you can also restart the last checkpoint when you are about to die. There are, however, some spiders in this area that will kill you instantly with one hit and they are very hard to see because they are so tiny and move so fast. This is why you should back up your save game. There are also some normal Aliens. Pick up the Flamethrower in the beginning of the Reactor Maintenance to fend off the Spiders and Aliens. Also burn the Spider Pods before any enemy comes out of them.

Note: If the Alien spots you, or is about to kill you, then quickly restart the checkpoint. If you need help on a specific difficult section, check out the video guide below for more tips.

49. 100 Times Too Many (5G) — Get killed by the Alien 100 times

50. Not the First (10G) — Turn off the beacon

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