Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough

30 September 2014
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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough

Chapter 16: The Lithariel Rescue & Skun The Warchief

Our next mission is “The Rescue”, where we must save Lithariel’s life beyond hope. As in her desperation to help her mother, Lithariel has been infiltrating the Uruk strongholds. She has not returned since leaving on her last mission.

Chapter 17: Ushbaka The Warchief & Stakuga The Warchief

Get ready to take down the Legendary Warchiefs Ushbaka the Marauder and Stakuga.

Chapter 18: Lord of Mordor & The Tower Boss

In the “Lord of Mordor” mission, your forces await your command. The time has come to launch your assault against The Black Hand.

Chapter 19: Final Mission & Ending

The final mission is called “Mordor in Flames”. Starting this mission will take you through the end of your journey, but once you finish you’ll be returned to continue where you left off.

The End.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Games, Doug & Shirrako for the walkthrough videos.

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