Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough

Chapter 11: The Black Captain Boss Fight & The Messenger

Get ready for the epic Black Captain boss fight, let’s kill The Hammer of Sauron. – As we set our sights on the Black Hand and the Tower, in “The Messenger” mission we meet up with Lithariel, from the Sea of Numen, who requests we join her to meet with Lady Marwen, Queen of the Shore. Apparently this messenger sees vision of the return of Celebrimbor.

The Queen of the Shore has given us a rather cryptic message to work with: “Breach into Morgoth’s Scar. Take the Elven craftwork from the Ghuls. And find the Dwarf.” But you won’t get to the Dwarf Torvin before you defeat the Ghul Mathron in battle and escape its cave.

Chapter 12: Queen of The Shore & Creating An Army

First, we’ll finish the Queen of The Shore mission to bring Lady Marwen her artifact.
Second, we start our next mission to create an army by finding the Orc leader Grublik the Flogger, making him a Warchief, and thus making his soldiers ours.

Chapter 13: Tarz The Knife & The Cure

Next, the by us controlled Warchief must take down the Veteran Warchief Tarz the Knife.
Then during the next “The Cure” mission we must lift Lady Marwen’s curse.

Chapter 14: Torvin’s Hunt Training

Torvin will teach us how to hunt for the biggest Graug he ever saw.

Chapter 15: The Legendary Graug

After the Graug hunt training, Torvin is ready to face his past in “The Great White Graug” mission. Let’s kill it to avenge his brother.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Chapter 16: The Lithariel Rescue.