Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough

Chapter 6: East Garrison Stronghold Uruk Hunting

Let us continue Talion’s personal vendetta! We’re going after the Veteran Captain Rash the Drunk next, find him by traveling to the Internment Camp and interrogating his Uruk. Not much happens in this chapter except for Uruk hunting.

Chapter 7: Gollum

In “The One Truth” mission, Gollum is hungry to lead The Bright Master to the Artifacts. With each discovery the power of the Wraith in Talion grows and his connection to the Dark Lord becomes clearer.

Chapter 8: Celebrimbor

With Gollum’s help tracking down Artifacts, we find out the powerful Wraith who joined with Talion at the start of the game is an Elf called Celebrimbor. He is the same Elven smith Celebrimbor who forged the Rings of Power for Sauron, and upon finding out what he planned to do with them kept the Elven rings from him, and thus him and his family were killed by Sauron. Talion & Celebrimbor share the same body in death, because they shared the same faith in life.

After that revelation, we go and poison Uruks, after which Hirgon finally finds Eryn.

Chapter 9: Prak Elf-Slayer & Humgrat Black-Blade Warchiefs

Let’s resume our quest to take down the 4 Warchiefs, starting with the creepy-named Prak Elf-Slayer & Humgrat Black-Blade Warchiefs.

Chapter 10: Sauron’s Monument

In “The Dark Monument” mission you’re tasked to destroy the Monument Gate and topple Sauron’s Monument (this statue is named after his alias Gorthaur the Cruel) in order to draw out the Black Captains.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11: The Black Captain Boss Fight.