The Sims 4 Collectibles

7 September 2014
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The Sims 4 Collectibles

Here’s The Sims 4 Collectibles locations guide wrap up, so you can find 100% of all The Sims 4 Collectibles in the new life simulation game on the PC & Mac. Let’s find out how to complete all Household Collections in The Sims 4!

Table of Contents

There’s a lot to collect and you will be rewarded in-game for each new discovery.

The Sims 4 Collectibles

[Work-In-Progress: The collectible item lists are organized in alphabetical order!]

The Sims 4 Aliens Locations Guide

Aliens can be found by doing Space Missions as an Astronaut with a Rocket Ship.
Place them around your house to induce Confident Emotions.
Value = 150-165 Simoleons.

1. Dead Blue Slug (Common)
2. Dead Pink Whale (Common)
3. Dead Red Coral (Common)
4. Dead Space Porcupine (Common)
5. Dead Space Squid (Uncommon)
6. Live Blue Slug (Rare)
7. Live Pink Whale (Uncommon)
8. Live Red Coral (Uncommon)
9. Live Space Porcupine (Common)
10. Live Space Squid (Rare)

The Sims 4 Crystals Locations Guide

Crystals can be found by interacting with Stones on the ground, through the “Dig” command.
The one exception is the rare Jet black Crystal not found on Earth. It can only be acquired by having a Sim take the Astronaut career’s Interstellar Smuggler path. Then going on Space Missions with his/her fully upgraded Space Rocket and bringing it back.
Place them around your house to induce Energized Emotions.
Value = 25-50 Simoleons.

1. Alabaster (Common)
2. Amethyst (Uncommon)
3. Citrine (Common)
4. Diamond (Uncommon)
5. Emerald (Common)
6. Fire Opal (Uncommon)
7. Hematite (Uncommon)
8. Jet (Rare)
9. Jonquilyst (Rare)
10. Orange Topaz (Common)
11. Peach (Common)
12. Plumbite (Rare)
13. Quartz (Common)
14. Rainborz (Rare)
15. Ruby (Common)
16. Sapphire (Common)
17. Shinolite (Uncommon)
18. Simanite (Uncommon)
19. Turqoise (Common)

The Sims 4 Elements Locations Guide

The Sims 4: How To Get All Elements.

1. Alcineat (Common)
2. Crytacoo (Rare)
3. Firaxium (Rare)
4. Goobleck (Common)
5. Melacoo (Common)
6. Oxypin (Common)
7. Ozinate (Common)
8. Peryllium (Uncommon)
9. Phozone (Common)
10. Plathium (Uncommon)
11. Plumbobus (Rare)
12. Selium (Common)
13. Sydrolin (Common)
14. Volenton (Common)
15. Wolfium (Uncommon)

The Sims 4 Fishes Locations Guide

Fishes can be found by interacting with the “Go Fishing” sign near water surfaces like Ponds & Lakes.
The more you fish, the higher your Fishing Skill level, the heavier & more rare fish you catch at both the same and afterwards newly opened fishing spots.
Value = Higher weight is more Simoleons.

1. Angelfish (Uncommon)
2. Anglerfish (Rare)
3. Bass (Common)
4. Batfish (Rare)
5. Betta (Uncommon)
6. Catfish (Uncommon)
7. Goldfish (Common)
8. Guppy (Common)
9. Kissing Gourami (Uncommon)
10. Koi (Common)
11. Minnow (Common)
12. Perch (Common)
13. Pirahna (Rare)
14. Rainbowfish (Rare)
15. Red-Tailed Black Shark (Rare)
16. Salmon (Common)
17. Sturgeon (Rare)
18. Tetra (Common)
19. Tilapia (Uncommon)
20. Treefish (Rare)
21. Trout (Common)
22. Wolf Eel (Uncommon)

The Sims 4 Fossils Locations Guide

Fossils can be found by interacting with Stones on the ground, through the “Dig” command. If digging up the Stone gives you a Limestones, then you can Examine it to reveal a Fossil.
Bonus #1: Sample a Fossil onto a slide for the microscope to uncover a Microscope Print.
Bonus #2: Studying Fossils gives you a moodlet in the Focused category.
Place them around your house to induce a Confident Aura.
Value = 15-250 Simoleons.

1. Enormous Trilobite (Common)
2. Fossilized Alien Skull (Rare)
3. Fossilized Egg (Common)
4. Fossilized Plant Imprint (Common)
5. Fossilized Sea Monster (Common)
6. Fossilized Sim Hand (Common)
7. Fossilized Udder (Uncommon)
8. Fossilized Whatzit (Rare)
9. Hilariously Tiny T-Rex Arms (Common)
10. Perfectly Preserved Mustache (Uncommon)
11. Pre-Historic Hoofprint (Common)
12. Pre-Pre-Pre Human Head (Rare)
13. Prehistoric Bird (Uncommon)
14. Prehistoric Rock (Common)
15. Raptor Claw (Common)

The Sims 4 Frogs Locations Guide

Frogs can be found in yards and parks, wherever there are the ‘Frog Hunt’ cages, they are found in Decaying Logs.
Find multiple Frogs to breed them via the Inventory into new Frog types. Meaning two different Frog type parents results in a new cross-breed for your Frog collection.
Value = 35 Simoleons.

1. Bullseye Frog (Rare)
2. Dirt Frog (Common)
3. Dirtsurfer Frog (Uncommon)
4. Dirtwhirl Frog (Uncommon)
5. Eggplant Frog (Common)
6. Eggplant Whirl Frog (Rare)
7. Heart Frog (Common)
8. Heartsurfer Frog (Rare)
9. Hypno Frog (Uncommon)
10. Leaf Frog (Common)
11. Leopard Frog (Uncommon)
12. Spotted Dirt Frot (Common)
13. Spotted Eggplant Frog (Uncommon)
14. Spotted Heart Frog (Uncommon)
15. Spotted Leaf Frog (Common)
16. Striped Dirt Frog (Common)
17. Striped Eggplant Frog (Uncommon)
18. Striped Heart Frog (Uncommon)
19. Striped Leaf Frog (Common)
20. Sunflower Frog (Uncommon)
21. Sunsurfer Frog (Rare)
22. Surfer Eggplant Frog (Rare)
23. Surfer Leaf Frog (Uncommon)
24. Tiger Frog (Uncommon)
25. Whirlyflower Frog (Rare)

The Sims 4 Gardening Plants Locations Guide

Gardening Plants can be found around the neighborhood or be grown by you*. While most Plants can be found & harvested often or rarely, there are two main exceptions:
1. You’ll need to get the Gardening Skill to a high level to unlock the ability to combine plants and create new Plant types.
2. Some of the hardest to get Gardening Plants can be found while exploring space (go on the Astronaut career’s Interstellar Smuggler path’s Space Missions for a UFO) or by going fishing (at a high Fishing Skill level you’ll be able to get a Cowplant Berry).
*Bonus: An easy way is to order Plant Seeds online from the computer. They arrive in the mail!
Value = 1-24 Simoleons.

1. Apple (Common)
2. Basil (Common)
3. Bird of Paradise (Rare)
4. Blackberry (Rare)
5. Blue Bells (Common)
6. Bonsai (Rare)
7. Carrot (Common)
8. Cherry (Uncommon)
9. Chrysanthemum (Common)
10. Cowplant Berry (Rare)
11. Daisy (Common)
12. Dragonfruit (Rare)
13. Grapes (Common)
14. Lemon (Common)
15. Lily (Uncommon)
16. Mushroom (Common)
17. Onion (Uncommon)
18. Orchid (Rare)
19. Parsley (Common)
20. Pear (Uncommon)
21. Pomegranate (Rare)
22. Potato (Uncommon)
23. Sage (Common)
24. Snapdragon (Common)
25. Spinach (Common)
26. Strawberry (Uncommon)
27. Tomato (Uncommon)
28. Trash Fruit (Rare)
29. Tulip (Uncommon)
30. UFO also known as Unidentified Fruit Object (Rare)

The Sims 4 Metals Locations Guide

Metals can be found by interacting with Stones on the ground, through the “Dig” command.
From your Inventory send them to the Geo Council (cost 20 Simoleans) to discover what Elemental Composition the Metal has.
Place them around your house to induce the Confidence Emotion.
Value = 30-65 Simoleons.

1. Alcron (Common)
2. Baconite (Common)
3. Crytunium (Uncommon)
4. Death Metal (Uncommon)
5. Flamingonium (Uncommon)
6. Furium (Rare)
7. Heavy Metal (Common)
8. Ironyum (Uncommon)
9. Literalite (Rare)
10. Obtanium (Common)
11. Ozinold (Common)
12. Phozonite (Common)
13. Plathinum (Common)
14. Punium (Common)
15. Pyrite (Common)
16. Romantium (Rare)
17. Sadnum (Rare)
18. Simtanium (Uncommon)
19. Socialite (Uncommon)
20. Ultranium (Common)

The Sims 4 Microscope Prints Locations Guide

Microscope Prints can be found by creating microscopic samples from Gardening Plants and Fossils (requires Gardening Skill) and then examining them under a microscope (requires Logic Skill level 2).
Value = 95-485 Simoleons.

1. Blemish Blossum (Uncommon)
2. Cell Block (Uncommon)
3. Crystal Palace (Rare)
4. Falling (Uncommon)
5. Hooplankton (Common)
6. Leaf Meat (Rare)
7. Party in Pink (Common)
8. Psychedelic Rock (Common)
9. Rhapsody in Blue (Common)
10. Snow Fight (Common)
11. The Drifter (Common)
12. Trace Remains (Uncommon)

The Sims 4 MySims Trophies Locations Guide

MySims Trophies can be found by interacting with Stones on the ground, through the “Dig” command, to find Treasure Maps. After that you will be able to Interact with rocks to search for treasure. Exhaust a Treasure Map to find a capsule under a rock, and inside the capsule you’ll find a MySims Trophy!
Place them around your house to induce Playful Emotions.
Value = 35-75 Simoleons.

1. Buddy (Common)
2. Chaz McFreely (Common)
3. Chef Gino (Common)
4. DJ Candy (Common)
5. Dr. F (Uncommon)
6. Elmira Clamp (Common)
7. Gonk (Common)
8. Goth Boy (Rare)
9. Hopper (Common)
10. Jenny (Uncommon)
11. Leaf (Uncommon)
12. Lyndsay (Uncommon)
13. Morcubus (Uncommon)
14. Ol’ Gabby (Common)
15. Poppy (Common)
16. Tobor (Rare)
17. Trevor Verily (Uncommon)
18. Violet (Rare)
19. Yuki (Common)
20. Zombie Carl (Rare)

The Sims 4 Postcards Locations Guide

Pen Pals can be found in 15 different cities by going online on the computer and befriend them. Keep sending them pen pal letters, which leads to you being able to ask them to send you Postcards.
Value = 10-40 Simoleons.

1. Appaloosa Plains Postcard (Common)
2. Barnacle Bay Postcard (Uncommon)
3. Bridgeport Postcard (Common)
4. Champs Les Sims Postcard (Uncommon)
5. Dragon Valley Postcard (Rare)
6. Isla Paradiso Postcard (Rare)
7. Littlehaven Postcard (Common)
8. Lucky Palms Postcard (Common)
9. Lunar Lakes Postcard (Uncommon)
10. Midnight Hollow Postcard (Uncommon)
11. Moonlight Falls Postcard (Common)
12. Riverview Postcard (Common)
13. Sunset Valley Postcard (Common)
14. Twinbrook Postcard (Common)

The Sims 4 Space Prints Locations Guide

Space Prints can be found by Observing the Night Sky during the day or night from an observatory.
Requirements: 1,500 Simoleans to buy an observatory and enough building space in your yard.
Bonus: Stargazing increases your Sims’ Logic Skill.
Value = 105-495 Simoleons.

1. Animal’s Planet (Common)
2. Battle Stars (Rare)
3. Big Star (Common)
4. Cloudy Vision (Uncommon)
5. End of Time (Common)
6. I Dream of Plesiosaur (Uncommon)
7. Out of This World Style (Common)
8. Rosie the Riveting (Common)
9. Saturn Return (Uncommon)
10. Seeing Red (Common)
11. Standard Space (Common)
12. Star Crossed Lovers (Uncommon)
13. Surfacing (Rare)
14. T-Rex Nebula (Rare)
15. Twinkle (Uncommon)

The Sims 4 Space Rocks Locations Guide

Space Rocks can be found by exploring outer space on a Rocket Ship. You’ll need to follow the Astronaut career’s Interstellar Smuggler path, and build a Rocket Ship in your yard, to play Space Missions.
Value = 95-275 Simoleons.

1. Common Space Rock (Common)
2. Large Space Rock (Uncommon)
3. Uncommon Space Rock (Uncommon)
4. Unnaturally Large Space Rock (Rare)

The Sims 4 Cow Plant Seeds Locations Guide

The Sims 4: How To Get A Cow Plant.

The Sims 4 Voodoo Dolls Locations Guide

The Sims 4: How To Get A Voodoo Doll & Bind Sims To It.

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