The Sims 4 Controls List

31 August 2014
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The Sims 4 Controls List

Welcome to the The Sims 4 Controls list that will guide you to use all keyboard controls in the life simulation game on PC & Mac.

Let’s take a look at the complete list below that reveals how to unlock all The Sims 4 Controls that will turn you into a pro player in no-time!

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Index of The Sims 4 Guides:

The Sims 4 Controls List

What are the keyboard controls for The Sims 4 during gameplay?

The Controls list is organized by their in-game effect, followed by the keyboard or mouse buttons to press to activate the effect.

Live Mode Controls in The Sims 4

Here’s a first look at the new tools for a new Sims. Watch the official The Sims 4 Controls gameplay trailer:

Sim / Household Controls:

  • Switch to next Sim in Household: (Spacebar or N)
  • Switch to Specific Sim: (Left-Click with your mouse on the Sim portrait)
  • Lock Camera to Sim: (Right-Click with your mouse on the Sim portrait)
  • Center Camera on active Sim: (ENTER)

Time Controls:

  • Pause Game: (P or 0 or โ€˜)
  • Regular/Fast/Ultra Speed: (1/2/3)

Camera Movement:

  • Move left/right: (Arrow Left/Right or A/D)
  • Move forward/back: (Arrow UP/Down or W/S)
  • Move Faster: (Hold Shift + do the Camera Movement)
  • Zoom in/out: (Z/X or +/-)
  • Toggle Map Mode: (M)

General Controls:

  • Undo/Redo: (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+V)
  • Cancel: (Esc)
  • Toggle Cheat Window: (Ctrl + Shift + C)

Important: After turning on the Cheat Window mentioned above, please visit our “The Sims 4 Cheats” page for the codes to turn on lots of cheats in the game! ๐Ÿ™‚

Build / Buy Mode Controls in The Sims 4

Object Placement Tools:

  • Rotate Object: (,/. โ€“ once the object is selected)
  • Delete Object: (Del or Backspace)
  • Off Grid Placement: (Alt โ€“ while holding the object)
  • Off Angle Placement: (Alt โ€“ while rotating the object)
  • Move to Slot: (M)

Important: For additional Build Mode controls, visit our “The Sims 4 Hotkeys & Shortcuts List“.

Experience fast, flexible & fun home building in our The Sims 4 Build Mode gameplay video:

Please comment if you’ve discovered any more Controls.

What are your favorite controls in The Sims 4?



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