Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition Announced for 3DS

Priced at $135 (or 14,040 yen), a Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition has officially been unveiled in Japan for the 3DS exclusive beginner RPG.

Sadly Final Fantasy Explorers has yet to be announced for any region outside of Japan, much less this snazzy Collector’s Edition version. – However Square Enix typically brings all of their games across the pond eventually, so you can probably expect Final Fantasy Adventures to be officially announced in 2015 for the West.

Final Fantasy Explorers, for those who haven’t heard of it, is meant to be an introductory Japanese RPG experience for novices who are new to the genre and/or new to JRPGs or new to the Final Fantasy series as a whole.

Here’s the Final Fantasy Explorers image gallery.
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Check out this awesome video of Final Fantasy Explorers from the Japanese Nintendo Direct for tons of gameplay footage.

However it is also a four-player title (both local & online) where players create their own Final Fantasy-styled character, select their class from multiple jobs, and then venture out into a world made up of famous enemies & creatures to battle, taken from throughout the Final Fantasy franchise.

Sold exclusively via the Japanese Square Enix e-Store in Japan, the Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition bundle will surely be attractive for importers, as it includes a number of physical extras.

Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS Collector's Edition Contents Included  Japan Price 135 USA Dollars
The snazzy Japanese Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition extras!

The Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition Includes:

* Large Final Fantasy Explorers Packaging

* Large Full-Color Physical ArtBook Featuring Illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano, Gen Kobayashi, and Toshiyuki Itahana

* Mini-Soundtrack CD Called “Final Fantasy Explorers Suppin Tracks”

* 3DS XL Final Fantasy Explorers Carrying Pouch

* 3DS XL Console Cover Featuring Bahamut

* Exclusive In-Game Bonus Quest — An exclusive bonus quest will allow players to obtain the full set of Onion Knight equipment (the Onion Sword, Onion Helm, Onion Armor, and Onion Boots), as you can see below.

Final Fantasy Explorers Onion Knight Bonus Weapon And Armor Set Artwork 3DS
Onion Knight Bonus Armor & Weapons Set!

I really hope that Final Fantasy Explorers gets announced for US and Western release soon (Square already trademarked the name in America, so it most likely IS coming).

This game looks really cool & really fun. I’m happy to see another 3DS-exclusive RPG to play! I think the gameplay as well as the fact that it stars enemies from throughout the franchises past is really intriguing. And I love the snazzy Collector’s Edition!

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this. It’s funny too, as I have been replaying Final Fantasy I NES (Wii Virtual Console version… Speaking of which, check out my Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls GBA review that I wrote way back in 2007!) and Final Fantasy IV: Advance, so I’m definitely on a retro Final Fantasy kick!

So it fills me with joy to see Square making a new, yet retro-styled, Final Fantasy game featuring classic enemies, summons and classes. 😀

Do you have any plans to import this Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition from Japan?