The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 Walkthrough

All Alternate Scenes

Let’s check out all the alternate scenes of Episode 5, so see where the different decisions could have led you…

• Survivalism: Did you shoot Kenny or Jane while they were fighting to the death?
• Friendship: In the end, who are you & baby AJ with? Jane, Kenny or neither?

Timeline for all different Episode 5 endings:

[00:00] Leave Wellington with Kenny. Note: You also side with Kenny if you choose to look away instead of shooting either of them.

[08:00] Stay at Wellington without Kenny.

[10:50] Go to Carver’s Camp with Jane (send family away). Note: You also go in the backwards direction if you say nothing to Jane.

[15:00] Go to Carver’s Camp with Jane (invite family in).

[18:42] Clementine kills both Jane & Kenny (leaves alone with baby AJ). Note: It’s unclear where your heading, but it looks like Wellington and you’ll have to pass through a horde of zombies before reaching it.

• Selflessness: Did you protect the baby?

Save the baby:

Don’t save the baby:

• Risk: Went to help Luke from falling into the lake?

Here’s the alternate scene that happens if you help Luke out of the water instead of shooting the zombies around him like he asks. Both methods end in his death.

• Loyalty: Asked to leave with Mike, Bonnie & Arvo stealing the truck?

No matter which way Clem swings in this situation, she always gets shot by Arvo and Mike & Bonnie always leave cowardly with all the food while Clem is bleeding out. What a lovely trio of backstabbers!

Thanks to TelltaleGames & Doug for the walkthrough videos.

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