Tekken 7 Characters List

The Tekken 7 characters list shows there are many returning favorites for the latest PS4 installment in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. A few new characters, including Heihachi’s wife Kazumi, will be making their playable debut as well.

6 playable characters have been announced in total so far.

Tekken 7 Characters List

Here’s the complete list of playable Tekken 7 characters announced so far, organized in alphabetical order.

1. Arabic Fighter (Unnamed)
2. Devil Jin
3. Heihachi Mishima
4. Kazumi Mishima
5. Kazuya Mishima
6. Lars Alexandersson

Who do you want to see added to the Tekken 7 roster?

Here’s an artwork gallery of the Tekken 7 characters.
Click on any of these thumbnails to see the full-size pictures:

Backstory: Tekken 7 will conclude the plotline that began with the first Tekken game regarding the Mishimi clan. It will answer and tie up lose ends regarding why Heihachi threw his son Kazuya off a cliff in an attempt to kill him and why he desires to kill his grandson Jin Mishimi and explain his relationship with Lars. We’ll also finally get real answers regarding Devil, Devil Jin, and the Devil Gene and learn the conclusion of other Tekken mysteries.

New Characters: The unnamed Arab Character is a character that Namco has been desiring to include in Tekken for a while, but couldn’t get the design down. On the official Tekken 7 Facebook Page, they are asking fans, particular Middle Easterners, to comment on the Arab character and design. Fan reaction will decide changes, and whether or not he will be included in the final product.

“To be honest, we did have an idea of an Arab fighter since 2008, but since most of the development team members are Japanese and do not know much about the Middle Eastern culture or clothes, we were not able to fully design it back then. But in recent years I (Katsuhiro Harada) have been visiting places such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and many of the development staff members have been learning about Middle Eastern culture and designs. From there we came up with this character’s outfit design.

If the Tekken fan community, especially those in the Middle Eastern area, end up liking this character, I would like to feature this character in the game. On the other hand, if this character is not received well by the Middle Eastern Tekken fan community members, there is a possibility that the character will be considerably changed or letting go of the idea of featuring this character in the game.

The development team likes this design and think that this character is a cool Arab fighter, but if there is something in particular to mention, please do let us know. We would like it if you all do like the character as well.”

The new “Kazumi’s legacy” trailer shows the main Tekken 7 characters:

Who are your favorite Tekken 7 characters that must be in the game?