Superhot Indie Game Puzzle FPS Announced for Xbox One, PC, Mac & Linux

20 August 2014
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Superhot will be coming to Xbox One before it hits any other console platform as part of the id@Xbox program Microsoft announced at Gamescom 2014. In development by Blue Brick studios, the game will also be hitting PC, Mac & Linux in June of 2015.

Check out this impressive trailer for Superhot, the unique, stylistic, Matrix-inspired Bullet Time Puzzle FPS where time only moves when you do!

The developers have compared Superhot to a game like Portal 1, it intends to offer the same kind of very cool puzzle-gameplay and the final product will offer the same amount of content as a title like Portal 2.

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SUPERHOT is a unique, stylish first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move. With this simple mechanic the developers have been able to create gameplay that’s not all about reflexes – the player’s main weapon is careful aiming and smart planning – while not compromising on the dynamic feeling of the game. Take your time. You have as much as you want.

Check out the Xbox One debut trailer for Superhot from Gamescom 2014.

SUPERHOT started as a 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS) game jam project made by a group of friends in August 2013. After making a prototype version of the game and polishing it in time for the WGK Conference in September 2013, the team managed to win the Developer Showcase award.

Superhot Gameplay Screenshot Bullet Trails

What are you saying? That I can dodge bullets?

After that they’ve decided to release the initial build of SUPERHOT to the Internet – where it quickly garnered a massive amount of attention from the press and players. Thanks to the support of the fans, SUPERHOT went through the Steam Greenlight process during a single weekend. That’s when the team decided to develop the game further.

Expanding the prototype
In the eight months between the release of the original Superhot prototype and the launch of the Superhot Kickstarter campaign, SUPERHOT was remade from scratch to make the game more expandable. A graphic artist and an art director have been added to the team to improve the visuals (while retaining the aesthetics that helped to make the game so popular).

Superhot Gameplay Screenshot The Agents Attack

“No Neo. I’m saying when you’re ready… You won’t have to.”

Launching the campaign
On May 14th, 2014 the team launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the rest of the development.

Awards & Recognition
“Independent Games Festival 2014 – Nuovo Award Honorable Mention” – SUPERHOT, 2014
“A.MAZE BERLIN 2014 – Most Amazing Game Award Finalist” – SUPERHOT, 2014
“WGK 2013 – Developer Showcase Winner” – SUPERHOT, 2013

Superhot Gameplay Screenshot Headshot

Mr. Anderson…. We Missed You.

I love the premise behind Superhot, especially since I’m a huge Matrix fan. Even though BulletTime has been done many times before in videogames, ever since Max Payne, no one has done it quite like this in a Puzzle-style FPS game with such captivating visuals and style.

To me a great premise can make a great game. And this looks like it’ll be one of those titles. Definitely looking forward to playing Superhot!

What do you think of Superhot? Did you play the prototype?


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