Tales of Xillia 2 Walkthrough

Aska The Great Spirit!

Our adventure continues!
Character episodes start to appear now. So first up is Alvin and Elize episode 1. We then continue the main story where we meet Aska. Another Great Spirit.

Chronos The Guardian Boss Fight

Chronos The Guardian is probably the boss that some people will struggle on. If you think he’s difficult now, wait until later on in the game.
Also we face Alternative Muzet and Millia joins the party (sort of…).

Elle Making a Promise

So nothing that important in this part. Mainly just talking, Beating up our supervisor (lol) and more talking. Elle gets a bit emotional and decides to make a promise with Ludger.

Character Episodes: Rowen #1, Jude #2 & Milla #1

Next you’ll get the Character Episodes that the game has. Earlier in the game some have already been done. Will be putting them all in different videos after a main chapter is done.

The Episodes covered in this video guide are:
• Rowen – Chapter 1 – Boss: Sou
• Jude – Chapter 2 – Boss: Brutal
• Milla – Chapter 1 – Making that soup

Song Echos Through the Falls

We jump into another Alternative world.
Meeting Julius again and beating up the Greater Demon (Alternative). We also obtain another Wayfinder piece.

Tales of Xillia 2 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Character Episodes: Rowen #2, Alvin #2 & Milla #2.