Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Release Date

The Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor release date is September 30th, 2014 in the USA & Canada for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. With the PC version hitting on October 2nd. Europe and the rest of the world gets it on October 3rd, 2014.

This Story trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor shows you what to expect from the plot.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Release Date

In Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you are Talion, a Ranger of the Black Gate, keeping watch over Mordor which has remained undisturbed for ages. In the blink of an eye, everything is taken from you – your friends, your family, and even your own life.

Resurrected by a vengeful spirit, you must now embark on a relentless vendetta against those who have wronged you. Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you, discover the origins of the Rings of Power, build your legend and ultimately confront the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle in Middle-earth.

Check out the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Comic-Con 2014 trailer, revealing the character of Celebrimbor, the Elven Smith who was responsible for forging the Rings of Power, whose spirit guides Talion on his quest. And the reveal of Gollum!

“Grow your army and dominate the Uruk soldiers of Sauron’s Army to build your own, using the power of the Wraith. Your power begets followers, willing or otherwise, and they will follow you or fall. Mordor’s wildlife has been forged in an unforgiving environment, ensuring only the strongest survive. Using the power of the Wraith, swift Caragors and mighty Graugs will become yours as well.”

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an all-new Lord of the Rings open-world Western Action RPG, developed by Monolith (FEAR, Condemned, The Matrix Online, Gotham City Imposters, Guardians of Middle Earth) in which players fill the shoes of Talion, a Ranger of Gondor (voiced by Troy Baker) who guards the Black Gate of Mordor.

The game’s plot is set between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and serves as a bridge between the two.

Shadow of Mordor makes use of the Nemesis System, which constantly keeps track of how you interact with NPC’s, and changes their behavior and interaction with you based on what you’ve done. This includes enemies, who will remember how you’ve attacked them and say, seek vengeance.

Two distinct skill trees give players access to a number of new abilities as you level-up by defeating enemies, Ranger skills focus on attacking enemies from afar and stealth, while Wraith focuses on your ability to impose your will on enemies. This allows you to essentially recruit them to gather info, spread rumors to lower the horde’s morale, or assassinate enemy leaders.

It’s worth noting that the Nemesis system and its effects have less impact on last-gen systems (Xbox 360, PS3), with the new-gen Xbox One and PS4 versions being the focus for the game’s development.

Key Shadow of Mordor features:

* Harness the Spirit of vengeance to inflict brutal combos while mastering powerful new skills and weaponry.

* Exploit the individual fears, weaknesses and memories of your enemies as you dismantle Sauron’s forces from within.

* Become the most feared force in Mordor in a new chronicle set before the events of the Lord of the Rings.

* Explore iconic Lord of the Rings locations and all-new lands:

– The valley of Udun — A harsh and unaccommodating land used primarily as a way-station for armies with ambitions to breach Mordor or attack from it. The sprawling land was once populated by Gondorian Outcasts but is now commanded by the Uruks.

– Sea of Nurnen — Atypical for Mordor, this sea lies hundreds of miles deep past its borders and is a lush, green landscape that Sauron is using to feed his growing war machine. Subjugated slaves are tilling the fields and fishing the sea to keep the Uruk hordes fed.

– MORDOR — A land of shadow and the home of the Second Dark Lord of Middle-earth, Sauron, Mordor beckons to spirits and calls dark things to its twisted heart. It is home to many monstrous creatures, among them Caragors and Graugs; monsters neither the Uruks nor their Dark Lord have tamed. Its burning heart, Mount Doom currently lays dormant.

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Shadow of Mordor looks absolutely awesome and I can’t wait to play it! I love the focus on Action-RPG gameplay. It just looks flat-out fun and really cool. I’m glad they brought Gollum back, and the new character, Celebrimbor, looks really interesting!

How excited are you about Shadow of Mordor? Do you think this is the Lord of the Rings’ “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, the game that will finally do ultimate justice to the Lord of the Rings series?