Oddworld: New N Tasty Endings Guide

Here’s the Oddworld: New N Tasty Endings Guide. It shows how to get the best ending in Oddworld: New N Tasty. Oddworld: New N Tasty spoilers ahead!

Don’t worry too much if you have not finished the game yet. CNN research from Activision & Raptr showed that on average a huge 90% of gamers do not finish their games!! Of course, we are here to help you get the best possible endings in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New ‘n’ Tasty!

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Oddworld: New N Tasty Endings

Here are all possible ending scenes to Oddworld: New N Tasty after playing through the platformer’s single-player story campaign.

There are multiple endings depending on how many Mudokons you rescue (or kill) during the course of the game.

Protip: Find all 299 Mudokons using our Oddworld: New N Tasty Mudokons Locations Guide!

Here are the different endings listed in order:

Ending #1: “Worst Ending” Kill at least 99 Mudokon slaves. Then at the end of the game after a word from Molluck the Glukkon, Abe will be sent back to RuptureFarms II.
Doing this will also unlock the “Act of Odd” trophy/achievement.

Ending #2: “Bad Ending” Rescue only 1-149 Mudokon slaves.
Reach 75 Mudokons saved to unlock the “Disciple of Odd” trophy/achievement.

Skip to 21 minutes in this video to see the bad ending.

Ending #3: “Good Ending” Rescue 150-298 Mudokon slaves.
Saving over half the Mudokons will also unlock the “Shepherd of Odd” trophy/achievement.

If you want to watch the good ending, play this next video.

Ending #4: “Best Ending” How to get the best ending: Rescue all 299 Mudokon slaves. Aside from the gratification you get, the only difference with the good ending is that there seem to be more Mudokons in the audience at the very end of the best ending.
Saving them all will also unlock the “Prophet of Odd/Saviour of Odd/Odd Messiah” trophies/achievements, depending on whether you complete the game in Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty mode.

Watch the ending with all Mudokon saved at 4 minutes into this last video.

Tip: The more Mudokons you rescue, the more opportunities you’ll have to unleash Shrykull’s power in the final level!

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Video Credits: Shirrako, Underground Gaming & Brian

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