The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

What is The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 release date? Between Episode 1 to 4 of Season 2 it took developer Telltale Games 10 to 11 weeks (2.5 months) to release each subsequent episode. But luckily Season 2’s Episode 5 (titled “No Going Back”) will be released early starting Tuesday, August 26th, 2014. Which is now confirmed with the release dates for all platforms…

Here are the official Episode 5 release dates for all platforms:
• Here’s our full “The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 Walkthrough“.
Tuesday, August 26 – PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation 3 & Vita in North America.
Wednesday, August 27 – Xbox 360 worldwide, PlayStation 3 & Vita in Europe.
Thursday, August 28 – iPhone and iPad via the App Store.
Near-Future – PS4, Xbox One & the other Mobile versions will be confirmed later.

On this page we will add the official Episode 5 release dates for all platforms, once confirmed.
Please check back here regularly for the latest news, screenshots, videos and other updates!

The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

For starters we have added some exclusive info in the next paragraph for you to see and read. Then below that you’ll find the first Episode 5 trailer! 😀

First Episode 5 Screenshots:

Click on a thumbnail in the gallery below to see the full-size screenshots:

Episode 5 Information:

What we know so far is that in Episode 5 Clementine has been reunited with her group and they go on the road to finally continue their trip up to the cold North to the Wellington safe camp, where the zombies move slow and they can all live happily ever after. Unless of course every character you like dies, because that’s how The Walking Dead likes to roll.

The only other clues are the trophy/achievement names, which are famous quotes & poems.

1. “Blood and Iron” (Silver Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Made it out alive.
2. “Miles to go” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Took a breather.
3. “Right of Frost” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Stopped for the night.
4. “Center Cannot Hold” (Silver Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Reach the other side.
5. “All the Dark Night” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Made it through to morning.
6. “We Slowly Drove” (Bronze Tropy/10 Gamerscore) — Reached the terminus.
7. “Kindly Stop for Me” (Silver Tropy/15 Gamerscore) — Found your way through.
8. “All the Dead Lie Down” (Silver Tropy/25 Gamerscore) — Completed Episode 5: “No Going Back”.

These trophy/achievement descriptions seem to indicate the cold winter weather will claim its victims! 😥

There are five episodes in total in the second season of the game. After the end of each The Walking Dead adventure game episode, Telltale Games is nice enough to include a teaser trailer for the next episode. In this case the recently released The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 4 Walkthrough includes the lead-up to Episode 5 in the ending! You can view it below.

Let’s have a sneak peek at Clementine’s continued adventures in zombie land.

There’s no The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 5 trailer this time, but here’s the Episode 4 ending video that starts at 18 minutes:

Episode 5 will mark the 2nd time where you’ll start the game with varying title screens.
The title screen thumbnail will look different depending on these three factors:
1) Who went with Tavia in the Season 1 “400 Days” DLC;
2) Which gaming platform you play on;
3) What part of world you live in.

Here’s The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 reveal trailer that shows a sneak peek at all episodes:

Possible Returning Characters:

Like last Episode, let’s talk about who’s being hinted at to make a surprise return… Who’s the next character you want to see return in Season 2?

It was great to finally see “400 Days” characters like Tavia, Wyatt, Vince and Russell back in the game in Episode 3! 🙂

Do you want Lee to come back from the dead? Well, I’ve got some tough love for you… It’s not gonna happen UNLESS IT’S A DREAM SEQUENCE!

Here is Lee’s voice actor Dave Fennoy in an interview to the Playing Dead webshow to talk about his favorite moments with Clem! Right now Mr. Fennoy voices Bluebeard in Telltale’s other current series, The Wolf Among Us.

August 8 Update: In this new video Telltale Games developers Jason Latino (cinematic artist/director) and Mark Darin (game designer/writer) sit down on the Playing Dead set to discuss the choices you made in Episode 4: Amid the Ruins. Among other questions, they are asked “Why’d They Have to Die?”

August 19 Update: The voice actress for Jane, Christine Lakin, comes to this new episode of the Waking Dead show to talk about what Jane can teach Clem.

Note: Telltale made a comment today saying “Look for more news on the finale coming this week!” They also tweeted out the following message to say we should expect a “Special Trailer Coming Soon!” 😀

August 20 Update: Tomorrow the exclusive Episode 5 trailer will be released, so check back here soon! Here’s a teaser from Telltale that plays the “Oh My Darling, Clementine” folk song melody in the background, while you see Clementine walking through the snow.

August 20 Update: The release date for Episode 5 has been confirmed as August 26th!
The first trailer was also released. Although the following trailer video contains MAJOR spoilers for previous 9 episodes in The Walking Dead Season One and Two, there are NO spoilers for the finale… Telltale adds: “But do watch for an all-new scene created exclusively for the trailer!”

The new spoiler-free flashback scene from Episode 5 starts at 3:40 minutes in this video:

The Episode 5 trailer included a new description for the final episode of Season 2. It reads:
“Winter is setting in. Time to find food and shelter is running out. And with a newborn infant to sustain, walkers are a greater threat than ever. As pressure builds and tensions reach breaking point, your choices will decide Clementine’s fate in the gripping conclusion of The Walking Dead: Season Two.”

Who do you think will live to be in Season 2’s Episode 5?