The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 4 Walkthrough

All Alternate Scenes

Let’s check out all the alternate scenes of Episode 4, so see where the different decisions could have led you…

• Risk: Did you chop off Sarita’s arm? Here’s what happens when you DO cut off Sarita’s arm and then do something even more horrific.

This alternate scene shows what happens after you don’t cut off her arm and rescue her.

• Pragmatism: Did you leave or save Sarah at the trailer park? And again when she falls? Here are the rescue attempts.

And here’s what happens when you leave whiny Sarah to die.

• Compassion: Did you rob or refused to steal from Arvo? Here’s the stealing option.

Next is returning the medicine bag option.

• Selflessness: Did you volunteer to crawl through the ticket booth or not? Here’s the climbing through the window scene.

• Nurturing: Did you hold the baby or not? Check out the cute baby scene.

• Survivalism: Did you shoot zombie Rebecca or not? See what happens when you do (not much difference).

Thanks to TelltaleGames & Doug for the walkthrough videos.

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