Civilization Revolution 2 Walkthrough

The Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 walkthrough will guide you through the gameplay with strategy tips for this turn-based strategy game on the iOS & Android.

This sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here! Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 challenges you to build a glorious empire that will stand the test of time.

Let’s start the Civilization Revolution 2 walkthrough with an introduction video!

Please Note: Only compatible with iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+, iPad mini 1+, and iPod touch 5. The game will not run on earlier Apple devices! An Android version is promised to be coming soon!

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Civilization Revolution 2 Walkthrough

This is the first game in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices. Civilization Revolution 2 offers mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Find out if you have what it takes to rule the world!

Key Game Features:

  • New Units – Strengthen your military might with brand new combat units including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters and SpecOps Infantry.
  • New Technology – Race to science supremacy with new technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Information Technology.
  • New Buildings & Wonders – Grow and expand your civilization like never before with new buildings and wonders including Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross and Silicon Valley.
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics – Updated 3D graphics taking full advantage of iOS devices graphical capability.
  • Scenario Challenges – Reenact historic events and battles in the Scenario Mode.


In this introduction video you can see the Tutorial of Civilization Revolution 2.

In this short tutorial your Domestic Advisor will teach you basic game controls such as production, movement, research, and combat. Your task is simple: Lay foundation to your Capital city with the Settler unit, then build a military unit, defeat a nearby Barbarian camp, and finally discover an Artifact.

Note: Civilization Revolution 2 Achievements and Artworks will not be unlocked in “Play A Scenario” or “Scenario Generator” modes.

Part 1: Random Map

Welcome to the Civilization Revolution 2 walkthrough!

Trophygamer will be your guide showing you around the game’s maps with winning strategies.

Tip: To avoid finishing Civilization Revolution 2 before seeing all possible modern technical advances, try aiming for a science victory instead of domination by war. That way you get to see everything all the way to the spaceship you have to build to win a science victory. Don’t take all the enemy capitals to avoid an accidental domination victory.

Unfortunately domination is relatively easy, so building up the kind of advantage you need for the other victory types often leads to you being powerful enough to get domination faster than the others. But since the game remembers which ones you’ve managed to do, there’s still an incentive.

Part 2: War

In this second part of Civilization Revolution 2 playthrough you can see a lot battles going on.

Part 3: Domination Victory

In this last part of the walkthrough you can see a Domination Victory being obtained. A Domination Victory is achieved by capturing 4 capitols of the enemies in this game.

Live Events

The Live Events Page is where you can find new challenges, scenarios and events. Check back regularly for new events.

Description: “The Declaration of Independence has just been signed and the Revolutionary War is fully underway. Through domination victory, liberate America from British rule.”

This is what can happen when you first try a Live Event in Civilization Revolution 2. In this first Live Event you play as the Americans.

The Live Event #1 continues to its conclusion in this second video:

Thanks to 2K Games, Trophygamer & Danny for the walkthrough videos & tips.

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