Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Trophies Guide

The Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 & PS4 third-person shooter game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark trophy guide we’ll show there are 51 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 and PS4 versions. Earn Bronze (42), Silver (5), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Trophies Guide

1. Til All Are One! (Platinum) — Earned All Trophies.

2. Aligned (Bronze) — Choose your allegiance.

3. Peace through Tyranny (Bronze) — Defeat 250 Autobots.

4. It Was An Honor (Bronze) — Defeat 250 Decepticons or mercenaries.

5. Short Circuit (Bronze) — Reach Level 5.

6. Perfect (Bronze) — Reach Level 10.

7. You Got The Touch (Bronze) — Reach Level 25.

8. Covenant of Primus (Gold) — Activate Prime Mode.

9. It’s The Thought That Counts (Bronze) — Open 3 Gear Boxes.

10. Tough (Bronze) — Make it through Wave 5 in Escalation.

Escalation Mode Tutorial:

11. Double Tough (Bronze) — Make it through Wave 10 in Escalation.

12. Double Tough Hard (Gold) — Make it through Wave 15 in Escalation.

13. Hmm, Upgrades (Bronze) — Upgrade any installation to max level in Escalation.

14. You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir (Bronze) — Slow down the reverse engineering project.

Location: During Chapter 11 you’ll see some red glowing objects. There are 3 of them in total and you have to destroy them all to stop to reverse engineering project.
The first one is in the starting area. Look for it on the lower level, it’s hard to miss. The second one is in the area after that. Look for it on the right side of this room. The third one can be found while running away from the titans. You will come to a huge area and the waypoint leads you to the upper level. Before leaving this area look in the corner to the right of the door.

15. Make Peace, Not War (Bronze) — Destroy Lockdown’s Weapon Caches.

In Chapter 13 you’ll see some red glowing objects. These are the weapon crates. There are 6 of them in total. For this trophy you only need to destroy 5.

Here are Lockdown’s Weapon Cache locations:
• Weapon Cache #1 is on the right side of the bridge (starting area).
• Weapon Cache #2 is in the area after leaving the bridge. It’s on the right side near the wall of a house.
• Weapon Cache #3 is in the area where you have to take out a lot of enemies in order to proceed. Once you’ve killed the enemies you need to open a gate. In front of the gate is the weapon box.
• Weapon Cache #4 is on the burning street after you have to throw a car to open a passageway.
• Weapon Cache #5 is in the park where you have to throw stuff at three structures on rooftops.
• Weapon Cache #6 (bonus) is in the area where you have to defend Optimus Prime. Can be ignored if you picked up all the other weapon crates.

16. Somebody’s Watching Me (Silver) — Find all the Stalker’s Observations.
17. Make It Rain (Silver) — Discover the fate of the Entrepreneur.
18. Spoils of War (Silver) — Listen to all the Veteran’s laments.

Tip: Find all 18 in our Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Audio Logs Locations Guide.

19. Snitches Get Stitches (Bronze) — As Drift, destroy all the Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboards.

In Chapter 1 you can see several billboards on rooftops. Six of them are anti-alien propaganda and must be destroyed to unlock the trophy. Shoot the billboards until they disappear and a progress tracker will pop up in the top right corner.

Here are the required Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboard locations:
• Billboard #1 is on the right side before entering the tunnel (after blowing up bridge).
• Billboard #2 & #3 are in the park where you have to kill all enemy forces to proceed.
• Billboard #4 is where you meet up with Optimus, before jumping down to the parking garage.
• Billboard #5 & #6 are in the area immediately after leaving the parking garage.

20. My Blade Has Tasted Better (Bronze) — As Drift, defeat 25 enemies with the Blade Dash ability.

Location: Can be done at the start of the game on “Chapter 1: The Dark Spark”.

Drift Vignette:

21. Spectacularly Amazing! (Bronze) — As Sideswipe, get through the whole chasm using less than 6 grapples.

Location: 10 minutes into Chapter 3 you will come to a chasm. Here you will have to grapple and dash your way from platform to platform. A notification will pop up in the top right corner of the screen to notify you about this challenge.

You may only use a maximum of 5 grapples to make it through this area. It’s important that you stick to the route shown in the video and don’t jump to any other platforms. You will mostly have to rely on the dash move for this. If you make a mistake or fall down, then restart the checkpoint immediately.

22. Softly Softly Catchee Monkey (Bronze) — As Swindle, defeat Cliffjumper without causing any collateral damage.

Location: The end of Chapter 5 has you fighting Cliffjumper. He will hide on two platforms among some other Autobots. To get this trophy you may not destroy any platform. A challenge notification will pop up in the top right corner of the screen when this fight starts. It’s highly recommended to make a backup of the save game (e.g. on a USB stick) when this fight starts. Even restarting the checkpoint will void the trophy if one of the platforms has been destroyed. So you’d have to replay the entire mission. With the backup save you can retry this part right away.

Tip: The best weapon for this is the Gear Shredder (Heavy Weapon). Make sure to equip it at a terminal earlier in the mission. It deals massive damage to Cliffjumper and is very accurate.

23. No One Gets Outta Here Alive! (Bronze) — Destroy everything outside the Gates of Kaon.

Location: During Chapter 6 you’ll see some red glowing objects. You need to destroy all of them, as well as four bridges in the last area. That’s a total of 11 objects that need to be destroyed. Everything else can be ignored.
You can check your progress at any time by pausing the game. The progress tracker will occasionally pop up in the top right corner too.
Four red objects are in the starting area of this chapter (red pipes). The rest (4 bridges and 3 red pipes) can be destroyed at the very end of the mission when you play as Bruticus.

24. What Could Go Wrong? (Bronze) — As Optimus, complete the rescue of Cliffjumper without using the turret.

Location: At the very end of Chapter 7 you’ll have to defend Jazz while he rescues Cliffjumper. You are being told to use a turret, but for this trophy you may not make use of it.

First and foremost, make sure you are playing on Easy difficulty. Pick up the “E.D.K. Techvolt” primary weapon, “Thermo Rocket Cannon” heavy weapon and 3 “Energon Health Burst” tech items at one of the terminals during this mission. These weapons are crucial when doing this!
Use the E.D.K. Techvolt against normal enemies. The Thermo Rocket Cannon is for the two turrets that appear on the ceiling halfway through the fight. The Energon Health Bursts are for healing Jazz when his health is getting low. Stand next to Jazz and activate this item to heal him.

You may want to fully upgrade both of these weapons first. It makes this fight a lot easier. Additionally, you may want to equip the “More Ammo” hack, so that enemies drop ammo more often. The Techvolt will eat up a lot of ammo quickly, but finds targets automatically and causes devastating chain reactions!

25. I’d Like To Leave Here Please (Bronze) — As Jetfire, escape the ruins of Trypticon without taking any damage from the laser gates.

Location: At the end of Chapter 8 you’ll have to trigger a firing sequence via a computer. After that you need to escape the area and some red lasers will show up along the way. You may not touch any of them. There’s also a timer going down, so you have to be relatively quick. Fly with full speed and if you are about to hit a laser, reload the checkpoint immediately.

26. Sting Like A . . . (Bronze) — As Bumblebee, defeat a sniper with a melee attack.

Location: During Chapter 10 when you reach the second canyon.

This can be done against the very first Sniper you come across. Snipers are the purple, flying robots that aim with a blue laser at you. You will encounter lots of them 10 minutes into this chapter. The first Sniper will always fly to the same wall. You need to jump on a platform and then dash to the Sniper and hit him in the air. Be quick because he will fly away after a couple of seconds. Restart the checkpoint if you miss this opportunity.

27. Tread Lightly (Bronze) — As Grimlock, prevent Optimus from falling below 50% health while defending him.

Location: At the end of Chapter 13 you’ll meet up with Optimus Prime and have to defend him for two and a half minutes.

The best way to defend him is to transform into the Dinobot and use Stampede to kill the small enemies. Just run around and walk over the enemies to kill them. Make sure to defend Optimus from all directions. – Against the two large enemies you should use the tail whip attack to destroy them instantly.

Tip: If the health of Optimus is getting close to 50% you must restart the checkpoint immediately or else you will fail the challenge. If the challenge fails you won’t get the trophy!

28. Give Me The News Doc (Bronze) — Heal 50000 health points amongst you and your allies.

29. Need … Oil … Can (Bronze) — Defeat 75 enemies that are slowed.

30. Bleeding Edge (Bronze) — Complete the game with a HACK active.

31. Of Merit and Distinction (Bronze) — Earn 250 Combat Distinctions.

32. Challenge Accepted (Silver) — Complete 50 Challenges.

33. Blasters! Blasters! Blasters! (Bronze) — Unlock every weapon.

34. This Weapon of Iron & Wood (Bronze) — Fully upgrade a primary weapon.

35. VROOM-pire! (Bronze) — Defeat 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with the Energon Harvester.

36. Y U Heff 2 B Mad? (Silver) — Use the V32.Cybr Corrupt@r on a Power Foe and have them defeat an enemy.

37. Shadow Company (Bronze) — Defeat 25 enemies after using the Cloak ability.

38. Thumbs Up Soldier! (Bronze) — Defeat 35 enemies using throwback damage from the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability.

39. Marked for Destruction (Bronze) — Defeat 50 enemies marked with E.D.U.

40. Turret Buddy (Bronze) — Defeat 25 enemies with your Battle Sentry.

41. healing.exe (Bronze) — Repair 5000 points of damage with your Repair Sentry.

42. Quartermaster (Bronze) — Resupply 250 times with the Ammo Supply Core.

43. Totally OP (Bronze) — Defeat 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon.

44. I Hope You Have Insurance (Bronze) — Heal 15000 health points with your Heal Beam.

Tip: This can be done if you stay near your team members and keep healing friendlies with your Heal Beam.

45. Scrapped (Bronze) — Use Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies.

46. Tormenta (Bronze) — Use Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills.

47. Loadsa Money (Bronze) — Earn 25000 Energon Shards.

48. What Does This Do? (Bronze) — Use 50 T.E.C.H.

49. It’s Not A Sprint (Bronze) — Drive or Fly 26 miles (42km).

50. Full Metal Jacket (Bronze) — Reload 1000 times.

51. Welcome to Earth! (Gold) — Defeat Lockdown.

Lockdown Vignette:

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