Forza Horizon 2 Release Date

The official Forza Horizon 2 release date is September 30th, 2014 for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. This game is the sequel to the Xbox 360’s 2012 title “Forza Horizon” (NOT the recent Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One’s launch title).

Check out the Forza Horizon 2 E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference reveal trailer.

Forza Horizon 2 Release Date

Synopsis: “Grab the wheel and set off on an epic road trip in Forza Horizon 2. More than 200 cars are at your disposal—from extreme off-roaders to modern supercars, classic muscle, and much more—as you race through a massive wide-open world in the ultimate celebration of speed, style, and action.”

The Day One Edition includes three unique cars featuring an exclusive Day One livery and tuning package from Turn 10: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, and the 2014 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

Here is some in-depth developer commentary discussing Forza Horizon 2 gameplay:

Unlike the previous game, this time three different developers are working on the title in some capacity. Playground Games, the lead developer of the first Forza Horizon, is developing the Xbox One version, whereas Sumo Digital is handling the Xbox 360 version. Original creator studio Turn 10 meanwhile, is overseeing both titles to make sure they are up to par.

Set in Southern Europe, i.e. Northern Italy & Southern France, Forza Horizon 2 takes the series into open-world territory with a fully explorable game-world that is three times larger than the previous game, with the cities of Provence, Tuscany and Côte d’Azur featured, among others.

This time events that players tackle to advance through the game can be set during the day or at night, with an all-new dynamic weather system changing things up.

Here’s more discussion on Forza Horizon 2.

One of the all-new features is the “Bucket List”, a group of challenges for players to take on, which will be familiar to those who played the original game with it’s “1,000 Club”, although this time each country, France & Italy, will have a separate and unique list to conquer.

Additionally, a “Car Meets” mode, similar to Forza 5’s “Forzavista”, will give the game new social opportunities where players can get together online and compare rides and share features like their tuning.

DJ Rob da Bank returns to do music, and the game will feature three major radio stations this time around.