EA Sports UFC Achievements Guide

The EA Sports UFC achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One MMA fighting game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the EA Sports UFC achievement guide we’ll show there are 32 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One version.

Index of EA Sports UFC Guides:

EA Sports UFC Achievements Guide

1. First Blood (10G) — Win your first career fight

2. Begin With the End in Mind (5G) — Earn the first ability of your Career

3. In the Spotlight (5G) — Upload a Highlight Reel to FighterNet

4. Friends or Foes? (5G) — Complete a Rivalry

5. To the Top! (10G) — Earn a promotion in Online Championships

6. UFC Contract! (10G) — Win The Ultimate Fighter in Career

7. The Big Time (10G) — Fight on the main card of a UFC event in Career

8. #1 Contender! (10G) — Fight for a title in Career

9. Iron Chin (10G) — Survive a stun state

10. Ahead of the Class (25G) — Earn an early promotion in Championships

11. Making Your Mark (25G) — Win 5 Career fights in a row

12. Top of the Mountain (25G) — Win a UFC title in Career

13. It’s Showtime! (25G) — KO an opponent via Cage Kick

14. The Art of Eight Limbs (25G) — Land a left and right punch, kick, knee, and elbow in the same round

15. I’ll Stand, Thanks (25G) — Stuff five or more takedowns in a single fight

This video guide explains how to keep the fight standing by learning to stuff your opponent’s takedown attempts and force them to fight on their feet.

16. Do an AMA! (25G) — Gain 50,000 fans in Career

17. The Arm That Feeds (25G) — Submit opponent in the first round via Armbar

18. Fight of the Night (25G) — Win a Fight of the Night bonus in Career

19. Submission of the Night (25G) — Win a Performance of the Night by Submission

This video guide explains everything you need to know on how to start a submission, progress through its stages and score the big finish.

20. Knockout of the Night (25G) — Win a Performance of the Night by Knockout

21. A False Sense of Security (50G) — Finish an opponent in the last 10 seconds of the last round

22. Gracie Pride (50G) — Earn 12 consecutive submission wins in Career

23. Knockout Season (50G) — Finish an entire Championships Season by knocking out every opponent

24. Submission Season (50G) — Finish an entire Championships Season by submitting every opponent

25. The Prodigy (50G) — Complete Career with a win rate above 85%

26. You Got Somewhere to Be? (50G) — Finish a fight in the first 60 seconds

Tip: Pit Anderson Silva VS. Chris Weidman on “Beginner” difficulty level, then mash the B button on Xbox One / Circle button on PlayStation 4 to win fast.

27. Iron Heart (50G) — Recover from a stun state and finish your opponent in the same round

28. Stand and Bang (50G) — Finish an opponent without ever going to the ground or blocking

Since you’re not allowed to block, let’s stick with the old saying “The best defense is offence!”
This video guide shows how you can take your opponent to the ground with authority by learning the basics of landing takedowns and power takedowns.

29. Forefathers (75G) — Get inducted to the Hall of Fame in Career on the hardest difficulty setting

Note: It’s easier when playing with Bruce Lee.

30. There Is No “Try” (75G) — Complete all Training Challenges

31. You Earned It (50G) — Earn promotion on the 10th fight of a Championships season

32. To the Wire (50G) — Avoid relegation on the 10th fight of a Championships season

EA Sports UFC gameplay explained by associate producer Jazz Brousseau in a stage demo:


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