Xbox One Achievements Snap & Tracking Revealed

9 June 2014
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Xbox One Snap Achievements Tracking Screenshot

Xbox One Achievements can be Snapped & tracked in realtime as you build progress towards earning them, Microsoft revealed.

This feature is really cool. You can view your Achievements and the progress you are making for each one as you are doing anything else, whether playing a game or watching a movie. Achievements are sorted with the Achievements you are closest to unlocking at the top of the list.

What’s really cool is that you can see the whole list of Achievements you are building towards and watch as the progress bar for each one fills while you play the game.

More cool features were also discussed, including the ability to request friends to help you on a specific Achievements, and the ability to connect directly to the Internet and search youtube for hints to help you earn Achievements and do so DIRECTLY on your console!

Awesome stuff!


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