Sunset Overdrive Release Date. E3 2014 Press Conference Demo (Xbox One)

The Sunset Overdrive release date is October 28th, 2014 exclusively on Xbox One.

Sunset Overdrive is a huge AAA title coming from Ted Price and his team at Insomniac Games, the developer behind the PlayStation tent-pole franchises Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

Sunset Overdrive Release Date

Insomniac Games have now moved to Microsoft to deliver an all-new and unique take on the third-person shooter genre.

Check out the reveal stage show demo of Sunset Overdrive from Microsoft’s E3 2014 Xbox One Press Conference.

In Operation Overdrive, you enter a very cartoony world with smooth third-person shooting action that is inspired by extreme sports, in particular, the ability to grind onto any surface WHILE you are shooting. As first seen in the Ratchet & Clank games, but now blown up into the main focus of a whole game.

Comics greatly inspire the way the game looks, so sound effect words like “BOOM” and “POW!” will literally be splashed onto the environment as part of the special effect of say, an explosion, where “BOOM!” could be written into the explosion cloud! It’s a very cool look and makes this game standout from others. The game also has a very humorous, tongue-in-cheek bent.

But the biggest pull is the super smooth gameplay where you are constantly speeding forward at a quick-pace towards the other end of the map. The point is to keep moving! Think Mirror’s Edge, but from a third-person perspective with a focus on shooting enemies along the way. And you’ll constantly be leaping from platform to platform, rail to rail, zipline to zipline speeding along!

You have to see it in action to understand exactly how fun this game looks! It just shot up to the top of my Xbox One most wanted list!