E3 2014 Schedule

8 June 2014
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E3 2014 Schedule

Here’s the E3 2014 Schedule.

Note: Not sure what time each event starts at in your timezone? Check out Timezoneconverter.com or look at the overview picture below to see all major timezones.

For reference, E3 2014 takes place in America’s Los Angeles Convention Center. So as an example, their local time 9AM PST = 12PM EST, 5PM BST, 5PM GMT, 6PM CET.

Index of E3 2014 Pages:

E3 2014 Schedule

Monday, June 9:

Microsoft — 9:30 AM PST (1.5 hour long)
Electronic Arts — 12:00 PM PST (1 hour long)
Ubisoft — 3:00 PM PST (1 hour long)
Sony — 6:00 PM PST (2 hours long)

E3 2014 Press Conferences

Tuesday, June 10:

Nintendo — 9:00 AM PST (1+ hour long)

June 10th, June 11th, through June 12th:

GameSpot’s Showfloor Livestreams — The great thing about GameSpot’s E3 2014 page is that it has a countdown timer to all big events and showfloor demos from Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday (usually live for 8 hours per day). That way you don’t need to know timezones and can just look at how long is left on the counter until the next event starts! 🙂

Watch the E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference live stream here: (starts at 16 minutes)

Watch the E3 2014 EA Press Conference live stream here:

Watch the E3 2014 Ubisoft Press Conference live stream here: (starts at 20 minutes)

Watch the E3 2014 Sony Press Conference live stream here: (starts at 23 minutes)

Watch the E3 2014 Nintendo Press Conference live stream here:

Image credit: Dematador from Neogaf.

We’ll add the big shows that have already aired to this page all week.


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