Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Find Joy At Ashland Hills Cemetery

Investigate a possible Bell Killer Case at the Ashland Hills Cemetery.

Chapter 7: Chase Sophia’s Ghost At the Graveyard

Tip: Holding the left shoulder button displays a destination marker. You can move the marker with the right analog stick. Releasing the left shoulder button will then teleport you there. – Remember, ghosts can teleport through gaps in objects too.

Chapter 8: Get To Lux Aeterna Mental Hospital

Investigate a possible Bell Killer Survivor at the mental hospital Lux Aeterna Asylum.

Chapter 9: Iris Sees Me

Find the survivor Iris in Room 216 and investigate what she knows about The Bell Killer.

Chapter 10: Night At The Salem History Museum

Go to the Gala to investigate the museum’s Witch Trials Exhibits and Restoration Room for links to The Bell Killer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11: What Happened At The Church?