Murdered: Soul Suspect Achievements Guide

The Murdered: Soul Suspect achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Murdered: Soul Suspect achievement guide we’ll show there are 48 Achievements (10 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC versions.

Index of Murdered: Soul Suspect Guides:

Murdered: Soul Suspect Achievements Guide

1. Collector 1 (10G) — Collected an artifact
2. Collector 10 (10G) — Collected 10 artifacts
3. Collector 25 (10G) — Collected 25 artifacts
4. Collector 50 (10G) — Collected 50 artifacts
5. Collector 75 (10G) — Collected 75 artifacts
6. Collector 100 (10G) — Collected 100 artifacts
7. Collector 150 (10G) — Collected 150 artifacts
8. Collector All (125G) — Collected all of the artifacts
9. Ronan’s Story (10G) — Learned about Ronan’s Life
10. Baxter’s Story (10G) — Learned about Baxter’s Life
11. Rex’s Story (10G) — Learned about Rex’s Life
12. Cassandra’s Story (10G) — Learned about Cassandra’s Life
13. Julia’s Story (10G) — Learned about Julia’s Life
14. The Bell Killer’s Story (10G) — Learned about the Bell Killer
15. Salem’s History (10G) — Discovered Salem’s history
16. The Witch Trials (10G) — Discovered information about the witch trials
17. Codex (10G) — Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti

Tip: To find all 151 main story Artifacts, check out our Murdered: Soul Suspect Artifacts Locations Guide.

18. A Watery Grave (20G) — Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story

7 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “A Watery Grave” at the start of the game in the apartment building you were murdered.

19. The Bell Tower Banshee (20G) — Uncovered The Bell Tower Banshee ghost story

11 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “The Bell Tower Banshee” found inside the Church and Attic.

20. The Stalwart Specter (20G) — Uncovered The Stalwart Specter ghost story

8 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “The Stalwart Specter” found inside the Police Station.

21. The Heirloom (20G) — Uncovered The Heirloom ghost story

13 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “The Heirloom” found around the Cemetery area.

22. Man in the Box (20G) — Uncovered the Man in the Box ghost story

10 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “Man in the Box” found inside the Mental Hospital area.

23. Terror on the Tracks (20G) — Uncovered The Terror on the Tracks ghost story

15 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “Terror on the Tracks” found inside the Museum area.

24. Ashes to Ashes (20G) — Uncovered the Ashes to Ashes ghost story

11 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “Ashes to Ashes” found in Judgement House.

25. Eternal Flame (20G) — Uncovered the Eternal Flame ghost story

16 Artifact Locations for the Side Case “Eternal Flame” found in the streets/Town.

26. Discover Remove (10G) — Used Remove for the first time

27. Discover Reveal (10G) — Used Reveal for the first time

28. Possess the Cat (10G) — Possessed the cat

29. Mindreader (10G) — Used Mind Read for the first time

30. Poltergeist (10G) — Used Poltergeist for the first time

31. Interrogator (10G) — Interrogated a ghost for the first time

32. Exorcist (20G) — Defeated a demon

33. Investigator (10G) — Completed the first investigation

34. Teleporter (10G) — Teleported for the first time

35. The Missing Body (20G) — Helped Ingrid find peace

36. Amnesia (20G) — Helped Julie find peace

Location: During the “Objective – Find Your Way to the Church” you can play the “Side Quest – How did the lady on the beach die?” (found outside of the Church). Then go find Julie, as shown in the video guide, and this upon completion unlocks the achievement.

37. Carnage (20G) — Helped Brad find peace

Location: During the “Objective – Get to Ashland Hills Cemetery” you can complete the “Side Quest – Help Brad find peace” (found in Judgement House) by possessing the guy under the SOC sign at the tank station for the clue you need. Then go find Brad at the car crash site again, as shown in the video guide, and upon completion of the Side Quest you unlock the achievement.

38. Scorned (20G) — Helped Katy find peace

Location: The “Side Quest – Scorned” can be found outside after finishing the Cemetery area.

Secret Achievements:

39. The Death Wish of a Shady Man (25G) — Became a ghost and met a strange ghost girl

40. One of Us (25G) — Revisited the scene of your murder and discovered there was a witness

41. Makeshift Sanctuary (25G) — Found the witness and learned what she knew

42. Half-Truths and Whole Lies (25G) — Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally

43. Ashland (25G) — Discovered what happened to Sophia

44. Lost Causes (25G) — Learned the fate of Rose and helped Iris escape the asylum

45. Wicked Tempers (25G) — Discovered links between the witch trials and the Bell Killer murders

46. Ghosts Never Die (25G) — Investigated the murder of Iris

47. Judgement (25G) — Discovered the Bell Killer’s secrets

48. Tightening the Noose (150G) — Stopped Abigail and saved Rex and Joy

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