Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions Locations Guide

Welcome to the Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions locations guide that helps you find the total of 30 Privacy Invasions locations for this Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions Investigation guide in the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC & Wii U action-adventure game.

Finding all 30 Privacy Invasion locations and hacking them will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Peephole” (30 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy) — Complete every Privacy Invasion.
* Bonus: By completing Privacy Invasions, you’ll see lots backstories of the city people. By looking around through the camera into rooms, you’ll be able to listen in on conversations or hack phones & computers to sometimes gain rewards. Although, of course you will feel like a total pervert for spying on people like that! 😛

The overview for all these in-game Privacy Invasions locations is shown below.

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Watch Dogs Privacy Invasions

How to unlock Privacy Invasions?: Once you have hacked into the 13 ctOS Towers you can go after the Privacy Invasion side missions right away. All parts of the city are available from the start of the game after you beat the prologue and then enter free roam.

How to find missing Privacy Invasions?: The Privacy Invasion locations are indicated on the world map as an Eye icon and are pretty easy to find. The Privacy Invasions are little side events in which you must hack through a building’s security to satisfy your curiosity. For some locations, use the Profiler to reveal wireless signals and then hack all ctOS boxes in sequence. For other locations, hack the security router to breach the system. Observe events inside and search for useful rewards.

Tip: None of the Privacy Invasions are missable and you can still get them in free roam after beating the story.

Note: Each Privacy Invasion you clear, you gain 200 XP!

Does the game save each Privacy Invasion you hack?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Privacy Invasions you just opened if you hacked the Privacy Invasion, so you don’t have to play to the end of a mission if you’re in one. After hacking each unlockable tower you can safely quit the mission without losing unlock progress, but obviously you should wait for the auto-saving icon to stop loading and disappear.

Where to find all Privacy Invasions in Watch Dogs? The in-game collectibles locations for the Privacy Invasions are shown in this detailed video guide.

The Privacy Invasions are shown in the video with map locations and the paths to completing them.

People and topics covered in the Privacy Invasions:

1. College dropout Michael Lanka spends his free time rating girls on a scale out of 10.
2. Some girl talking to herself off-screen to lose weight by puking out the food she just ate.
3. Armen Terrano’s dreams of being a part-time DJ aren’t panning out at 30. He jokes with his mom about moving back home, but is met with rejection.
4. Cancer survivor finally meets his maker. Old Man Meunier retired at age 72. He seems to have gave up the ghost on this particular day. His son leaves a worried message.
5. Old lady Monica Green, Librarian, wants all the Internets. All of them. Pretend you’re the NSA and spy on more people.
6. Mary Evans is working 2 jobs to support her family and dying husband. His cancer is in the final stages, and they need to have a difficult talk about his future.
7. A creepy therapist talking serious stuff with a store mannequin. He stole her from a dumpster from behind the mall.
8. Aiden making sure Jordi Chin is doing what he needs to do as a cleaner.
9. Darren Moffat, University Valedictorian, got high marks on Biochemist tests and examinations, but a failing grade in the bedroom.
10. Gym Teacher Consuela waits by the bathroom door while her son is going through some body changes. Perhaps turning into Teen Wolf.
11. Bartender playing with his tablet. Nothing happens.
12. Not so smart Nina Moser gets insulted at everything the doctor tells her! And she works in Customer Service herself!
13. Two girls playing Wii Fit. They’re sweating and trying to get in shape.
14. Aisha Tyler, Gamer, Comedian, Actor, Talk Show Host, Author, and Bourbon Enthusiast proudly admits that she Farts too.
15. Truck Driver couple communicate through text or doing something with their phones.
16. Nobody wants a baby from Chad Ripley.
17. Morton Graves is a wannabe Watch Dog, but doing it old school. Being a peeping tom out of his window with a telescope witnessing a crime.
18. Olympic Silver Medalist Lucy Masterson gets assistance from the Plumber in getting her pipes cleaned. It’s actually a married couple doing some role-play to spruce up their stale marriage.
19. Roommate or the girl he is dating is texting on the toilet without any toilet paper.
20. A mother is feeding her crying baby. Nothing happens.
21. Sharon Baker, Massage Therapist, is a single mother who loses her cool.
22. Kevin Hughes is an serious figurine collector, and takes no crap from anyone. He gets things done when needed and he needs to be sent the correct figurine, the Angel Nurse Ayumi In Her Sexy Nurse Outfit.
23. Matthew Wisz pours his feelings out and gets rejected into the friend zone.
24. Topless prostitute playing Russian Roulette with her boyfriend. When will their luck run out?
25. Latoya Jacobs, a two-bit Street Fashion Photographer, is taking selfies in her garages on top of her car.
26. Jerry was recently released from prison, works as a grocery bagger, and puts a gun in his mouth.
27. Divorced single father Geoffrey O’Brien can’t catch a break when watching dirty movies. This is Aiden’s punishment for spying on people.
28. Rebecca Unger, LGBT March Organizer, is speaking out about basic human rights.
29. Antoine Bubnik recently buried his wife, and is going through some tough times. He’s talking with his daughter to reconnect.
30. Daughter wants daddy to play dress up — as in dress up like a Princess, haha.

There you go! All Privacy Invasions in Watch Dogs! 🙂

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