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Looking for Watch Dogs cheats on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC & Wii U? Here we’ll list Watch Dogs cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Ubisoft’s new Action-adventure game.

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Watch Dogs Cheats

Uplay Unlockable Rewards

Before you start playing Watch Dogs, be sure to login to your existing Uplay Account via the game’s Main Menu, by selecting “Uplay”. If you’re not registered yet to Ubisoft’s official rewards service, then first sign up for an account at

Once signed in, Uplay rewards you for playing Watch Dogs with a range of exclusive free content. Which is a fancy way of saying Uplay gives you access to unlockable cheats & extra items in Watch Dogs.

Note: To get newly unlocked vehicles delivered near you, open your in-game smartphone by pressing up on the Directional-Pad, go to the Car On Demand App and then select the vehicle you want.

The Uplay Actions of Watch Dogs:

Complete the following actions to receive Uplay Points, which you’ll be able to spend to unlock the Uplay Rewards mentioned in the second list below.

• “Hello World“: Take down Maurice. – For 10 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Family Man“: Complete Act 1: Family Man. – For 20 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Fatal Focus“: Using one Focus, kill 4 enemies. – For 30 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Vengeance“: Complete Act 4: Vengeance. – For 40 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)

The Uplay Rewards of Watch Dogs:

These are all the extras you can unlock in the game if you have enough points to spend in your Uplay account, either from doing the actions listed above or from playing other Ubisoft games.

• “Online Contract Cash Boost“: Boost the cash payout from all online contracts to get an edge on your enemies. – Unlocks for 20 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Gold D50 Handgun“: Bringing a new meaning to ‘one-hit wonder’, this 14 karat D50 edition is a jaw-dropper. – Unlocks for 30 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Papavero Stealth Edition“: Avoid detection and elude the cops in the Papavero Stealth Edition. ctOS won’t know what hit it. – Unlocks for 40 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3 / WiiU)
• “Aiden’s Avatar on“: Go to to update your avatar with this exclusive Aiden avatar. – Unlocks for 10 Uplay Points (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / WiiU)
• “Watch Dogs Gameplay Theme“: Download the exclusive Uplay Theme for Watch Dogs. – Unlocks for 10 Uplay Points (Xbox 360 / PS3)
• “Watch Dogs Desktop Wallpapers“: Download Uplay-exclusive Watch Dogs desktop wallpapers for your PC. – Unlocks for 10 Uplay Points (PC)

How To Cheat at Poker:

An easy video guide to cheating & winning at Poker in Watch Dogs.

Unlockable DLC Items

Note: In every Hideout there’s a Wardrobe where you can change into new clothing that you’ve unlocked for the game.

The pre-order Bonus Packs with Special Editions include:

• The “Breakthrough Pack“: Complete this bonus mission to unlock: Vehicle expert perk – Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.
• The “Palace Pack“: Complete this bonus mission to unlock: A) Investigation Bonus – Unlock more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks; B) ATM Hack Boost – Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank.
• The “Signature Shot Pack“: Complete this bonus mission to unlock: A) Black Viceroys gang colors outfit; B) Biometric Assault Rifle.
• View the rest of the retailer & console-exclusive extras in the Ubisoft videos…

The Uplay Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

• A “Pack of 4 unique outfits and skins“: Blume Agent Pack, DedSec Shadow Pack, Chicago South Club Pack, and the DedSec White Hacker Suit.

The Season Pass DLC add-ons include:

• The “Exclusive Untouchables Pack“: Pay homage to the classic Chicago mobster film with a M1 SMG weapon and a 1920s mobster outfit. – In North America, the Untouchables Pack will only be available through Season Pass.

These are all the Watch Dogs cheats on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 & Wii U so far. Until more are discovered, we made the handy Watch Dogs guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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