Transistor Game Cheats

20 May 2014
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Transistor Game Cheats

Looking for Transistor game cheats on PC & PS4? Here we’ll list Transistor cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Supergiant Games’ new action-RPG game.

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Transistor Game Cheats

How To Unlock New Game Plus / Recursion Mode

In Transistor the New Game Plus is called Recursion Mode. To unlock Recursion Mode, you have to complete the story campaign for the first time.

Recursion mode is unlocked after you finish Transistor’s story. You’ll then have the option to recurse through the experience, retaining your progression data — notably, your User Level and all the Transistor functions you’ve unlocked. This immediately opens up a lot of new gameplay as you’ll be discovering new function combinations all the way through your initial play-through of the game. You’ll also find some new surprises in the content itself the second time around. Most notably, the composition of enemy forces you’ll encounter will be different — and it’ll be different just about every time you play.

Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Supergiant Games, added: “The Process, the enemy forces you’ll be dealing with in Transistor, operate as a faction. The different varieties you’ll encounter have complementary roles. As we experimented with fighting against them in different combinations, and in different locations throughout the game, we found a ton of interesting variety. We hope you’ll enjoy it as we have. If you’re familiar with Bastion’s New Game Plus mode, we think Transistor’s Recursion mode pushes some of those ideas even further.”

PlayStation 4 Special Feature

The PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller’s Light Bar flashes in sync with the Transistor’s speech. 😀

There are no other Transistor cheats on PS4 & PC yet. So until they are discovered, we made the handy Transistor guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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