Portal 3 Cosplay

Here are some cool Portal 3 Cosplay photos! Chell will no doubt return as the protagonist again. After she finds freedom at the end of Portal 2, will GLaDOS take a robot body and chase her? Will she ever get her cake and eat it too? Cosplayer Amanda K seems to think so. 😀

Scroll down this page to see the full gallery of photos, in next-gen life-like graphics! 😉

Here’s the Portal 3 image gallery.
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About The Cosplayer:

Amanda K is an American cosplayer and gamer, she’s self-taught and designs and creates her own costumes! Her main inspirations come from The Legend of Zelda video game series and all things magic and fantasy.

To quote her about this cosplay: “This is a Portal inspired photo shoot featuring all of the official portal gear! Most of everything I purchased I got from ThinkGeek.com and as gifts. This is one of the very very VERY few costumes I’ve purchased, but I’m SUCH a huge fan of the series that I wanted to get the Official collectors gear 🙂 ”

Her opinion about cosplay in general: “I absolutely feel that cosplay is an art form. The way I initially thought of it was that it’s like theater where you’re dressed up as a certain character and you’re portraying that character, but you don’t have to memorize any lines and you can just walk around having a good time with friends.”

In this video Amanda K talks about why cosplay is an addiction for her and why cosplayers have some of the most unique personalities in the world:

Portal 3 Info:

Valve’s Portal series was left with an open ending in 2011’s Portal 2. That last installment in the series was met with both critical acclaim and sold over 4 million copies. That’s why fans have been having Portal 3 dreams that a sequel started development in 2011 and its first game footage might be shown at Microsoft or Sony’s E3 2014 keynote on June 9th, 2014. *dreams*

At least in the sequel Chell can look forward; now that we know she’s the daughter of Aperture CEO Cave Johnson and his assistant Caroline, who’s mind was later digitized and uploaded into the GLaDOS program. Hence before Chell steps outside you get GLaDOS singing to Chell: “My dear, my beautiful darling. My girl, oh Chell! Oh, my dear, farewell!” — Let’s hope she’ll meet up with Gordon Freeman and together free Earth from the Combine invasion!

Watch a fan-made Portal 3 teaser video of life outside of the Aperture Science complex:

Modeled by: Amanda Khoury.
Photography by: Joey Aguirre.

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