The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Come Hither, Chapter 7: Rehabilitated & Eye of the Storm Ending

Chapter 6 Description: You invited some friends into the compound. And with “friends” I mean 2,000 brain-craving zombies.
Chapter 7 Description: Gave what you got.

This is ‘The End’ of “The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 – Episode 3: In Harm’s Way”.
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All 5 Alternate Scenes

Let’s check out all the alternate scenes of Episode 3, so see where the different decisions could have lead you…

• Compassion: Did you help Sarah with her greenhouse chores? Either way the endresult will be the same for Reggie. See the alternate scene that plays when you do your own work and don’t help Sarah.

• Trust: Did you tell Bonnie about Luke’s presence? Although the video’s not related to Bonnie, here’s the alternate scene that plays when you first see Luke and you hit instead of hug him.

• Selflessness: Did you admit to stealing or try to hide the theft of the walkie talkie? Kenny steps up either way, but here’s the alternate scene that plays when you don’t help Kenny and restrain Sarita.

• Vengeance: Did you stay to watch Kenny kill Carver? On average the poll is split 50/50 and your choice will be remembered. If you stay Kenny bashes his skull in. Here’s what happens when you leave Kenny’s side and leave with Sarita.

• Risk: Did you chop off Sarita’s arm? Generally speaking you’ll want to chop off any zombie bite-infected limb as fast as possible for the biggest chance to survive. But here’s what happens when you don’t cut off Sarita’s arm and kill the Walker instead.

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