The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Trophies Guide

The The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 & PS4 action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game trophy guide we’ll show there are 47 Trophies (13 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 and PS4 versions. Earn Bronze (36), Silver (7), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Guides:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Trophies Guide

1. Does Everything a Spider Can! (Platinum) — Unlock all trophies

2. Human (Bronze) — Completed the game on Human difficulty

3. Hero (Silver) — Completed the game on Hero difficulty

4. Super Hero (Gold) — Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty

5. Bookworm (Silver) — Collected all Spider-Man comic books

6. Lover (Bronze) — Retrieved all parts of Black Cat’s journal

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7. Special Agent (Bronze) — Retrieved all parts of Menken’s journal

8. Investigator (Bronze) — Retrieved all parts of Detective’s journal

9. I’m on a Roll! (Bronze) — Achieved a combo streak of 42

Location: Easily done in the combat challenges. Combat challenges can be started at the arcade machine in Stan’s Comic Book Store. The location of which is marked with a blue book-symbol on your map.

Tip: In fact, while playing through all 12 combat challenges there is a good chance you will unlock this naturally. The easiest way, however, is to repeatedly attack the last remaining enemy of a round with the Web-Strike (press R1 on PlayStation). The Web-Strike doesn’t actually do any damage, so you can keep doing this indefinitely.

10. Stay Down! (Bronze) — Performed 15 signature moves

11. Breaker (Bronze) — Destroyed 20 body armors

12. Know Your Enemies (Bronze) — Unlocked all character bios

13. Reporter (Bronze) — Completed all photo challenges

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14. All Tied Up (Silver) — Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns

15. Drop It! (Bronze) — Disarmed 50 enemies

16. Fashionista (Bronze) — Unlocked all suits

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17. Infiltration (Bronze) — Completed all hideouts

The Hideouts will show up automatically as you play through the Story. They are displayed with an Eyesymbol on your Map. For every completed Russian Hideout you will earn a Suit, in this order:

• 00:00 – Spider Armor Suit
• 01:25 – Spider-Man 2099 Suit
• 02:54 – Big Time Suit
• 03:48 – Scarlet Spider Suit
• 04:47 – Flipside Suit

18. Luchador! (Bronze) — Completed all combat challenges

19. Can’t Hit Me (Bronze) — Achieved 30 multidodges

20. Timing Is Everything (Bronze) — Achieved 100 critical hits

21. Lightweight Champion (Bronze) — Defeated 100 enemies

22. Middleweight Champion (Bronze) — Defeated 300 enemies

23. Heavyweight Champion (Silver) — Defeated 500 enemies

24. Hero of the People (Bronze) — Saved 50 civilians

25. Ultimate Spider-Man (Gold) — Reached maximum levels for all suits

26. State of the Art (Bronze) — Unlocked all concept art

27. True Hero (Bronze) — Heroism to the maximum

28. Enforcer (Bronze) — Completed 10 deadlock situations

29. Fireman (Bronze) — Completed 10 building on fire situations

30. Guardian Angel (Bronze) — Completed 10 rescue situations

31. Vigilante (Bronze) — Completed 10 petty crime situations

32. Fast-Tracker (Bronze) — Completed 5 races

33. Master of the Web (Bronze) — Performed 50 signature moves

34. Sneaky (Bronze) — Completed a hideout without being spotted

Location: There are 5 Russian Hideouts and they are displayed with a purple eye-symbol on your map. They will show up automatically after making some progress in the story. Go to the most southern one as it is extremely easy and quick.

Tip: Once you are inside, web-rush to the ceiling and you should see the target below you (a container with a new suit). Simply take out the nearby guards and go to the container to finish the hideout.
It is essential that the Awareness Level (the bar in the top left corner of the screen) stays at zero. Only then you will get the trophy.

Warning: If you raise your Awareness Level, be sure to pause the game immediately and click restart. The hideouts disappear once you’ve completed them!

Hidden Trophies:

35. Hunter of Killers (Bronze) — Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols

Tip: To find them all, check out our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Cletus Kasady Symbols Locations Guide.

36. Shocking! (Silver) — Defeated Shocker

37. The Hunter, Hunted (Silver) — Defeated Kraven

38. Lovers’ Quarrel (Bronze) — Defeated Black Cat

39. Is It Over? (Bronze) — Defeated Cletus Kasady

40. You Are Under Arrest (Bronze) — Defeated Kingpin

41. The Green Goblin (Bronze) — Defeated Green Goblin

42. Switch Off (Silver) — Defeated Electro

43. Now It Is Over (Gold) — Defeated Carnage

44. Friendly Fire (Bronze) — Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him

Location: Can be done in “Chapter 14: Maximum Carnage!”.

Tip: Near the end of the chapter, during the Carnage boss fight, you can activate levers around the room to unleash a burst of fire near them. This must be done in the second half of the boss fight, after Cletus Kasady turns into Carnage. Simply stand under the levers, wait for the boss to get close to you and hit L1 on your PlayStation controller to pull them. When Carnage jumps up the wall you should activate all the levers around the room and hit him with a Seismic Blast to make him fall down into the fire. And do this three times minimum.

45. Shotgun (Bronze) — Acquired the Seismic Blast ability

46. Disintegrator (Bronze) — Acquired the Ionic Web ablity

47. Aerial Break (Bronze) — Destroy any armored enemy using Web-Strike

Location: Can be done in “Chapter 11: The Kingpin Of Crime!”.

Tip: Shortly after this mission starts you will encounter your very first armored enemy in the game. You will be given a short text tutorial. To disable an enemies armor you have to press Circle repeatedly on your PlayStation controller. Do this until all the yellow heavy armor disappears. To get the trophy you now have to attack with a standard Web-Strike (press R1). You don’t have to kill the enemy with the Web-Strike.

Please Note: You can replay all missions by going back to your home via the open-world Metro. There are several pictures on the bedroom wall that serve as the chapter select menu.

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