Lego The Hobbit Bonus Level

Here’s how to find, unlock & 100% complete the Lego The Hobbit Bonus Level.

How to unlock the secret Bonus Level in Lego The Hobbit? It requires you to take the steps listed below.

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Lego The Hobbit Bonus Level

Complete the bonus level and you’ll receive the “Stone Giant Stomp” achievement/trophy that’s worth 25 Gamerscore Points or a Silver Trophy. You will also be one step closer to completing the game 100%, and unlocking the “To Be Continued…” achievement/trophy that’s worth 40 Gamerscore Points or a Gold Trophy. This bonus level requires you to destroy everything to collect 1 million studs.

Let’s go in-depth into Lego The Hobbit Middle-earth hub area and find out how to access everything in the Lego Bonus Level. We’ll give you detailed instructions each step of the way, until you know everything to unlock and complete it.

How to unlock the Bonus Level:

STEP 1: The “Stone Giants” bonus level only becomes available to play after you have finished the 16 Story Mode levels up to the Smaug boss fight and the game has ended.

How to find the Bonus Level:

STEP 2: The Bonus Level is located in the open world hub. You can find it by going into the Middle-earth Hub Area, checking your map and traveling to Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain. That’s where you’ll find the entrance to the Bonus Level by climbing the mountain until you reach the Stone Giants flag to enter the level. See the video guide at the bottom of this page to find out what the area looks like.

Goal in the Bonus Level:

STEP 3: The only goal is to collect the 1 million studs within 5 minutes, which you can easily find in the Bonus Level. This is done by literally destroying everything you encounter in the Bonus Level.

Lego The Hobbit Bonus Level Walkthrough:

Here’s Lego The Hobbit Bonus Level walkthrough with extra gameplay tips. These will show you how to successfully finish the secret level’s destruction challenge.

For more tips, stay tuned to our “Lego The Hobbit Walkthrough” section.

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