Lego The Hobbit 2 Hints?

A continuation of the Lego The Hobbit movie-based trilogy is hinted at in the Lego The Hobbit ending, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see a full game like Lego The Hobbit 2. Since the game covers the first two movies in the trilogy, instead, we’ll get the third movie as a downloadable pack with 8 new story levels in December 2014 when the final Hobbit movie will get released! 😀

Spoiler alert ahead!

Stop reading and watching if you haven’t finished the 16-level Story Mode in Lego The Hobbit yet. Otherwise the below ending sequence will obviously contain spoilers, and it’s more fun to finish the game by yourself and find out that way. 🙂

Watch the Lego The Hobbit ending 20 minutes into this video here:

As you can see from the video; after the group take on Smaug he escapes to take his revenge on the nearby village of Laketown he think they come from. The CGI cutscene fades out to black with Bilbo saying “What have we done?” exactly like the second movie (since all dialog comes from the movies) leaving no other choice but for the game to be continued in the third movie’s setting. – A sentiment echoed by the “To Be Continued…” name of the achievement/trophy that unlocks for completing the game 100%.

Warner Bros. Games has announced the following: “And if you want more, additional adventures will be available in the future for The Hobbit: There and Back Again!”

This confirms the third Hobbit movie’s story levels will be added to Lego The Hobbit in a download pack half-way through December 2014.

So around that time that the end of the year you should keep an eye on your gaming system’s online store: Xbox Live Marketplace on Xbox 360 & Xbox One, PlayStation Network Store on PS3, PS4 & PS Vita, Steam on PC, and Nintendo eShop on Wii U & 3DS.

Are you looking forward to Lego The Hobbit: There and Back Again?

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